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Yesterday on the way back I noticed the cherry trees outside the Siskiyou Motel were beginning to bloom, when they hadn't been the day before.  This morning, the cherry trees across the street from the grocery store have many open blooms.  The cherry blossoms have finally arrived in the local area, and the tiny sprays of pink are a welcome sight.  I might take the camera out for a walk around within the next few days and try to get some shots.

Simply breathtaking.

The daffodils are blooming too, and on the way home the wild mountain lilacs were even more astounding than the last trip back from Sacramento.  I love how such delicate little flowers grow on such hardy trees (referring to both cherry trees and the lilac bushes, which grow as big as small trees here).  I use it as a reminder of the simple beauty that comes from weathering tough situations.  Even though the beauty is fleeting, it can come again in another season, and in the case of the cherries be replaced by striking leaves and gorgeous fruits, bearing the seed that could someday become more blossoms.

I am still tired from yesterday, and don't plan to do much today that will be more active than hand sewing a cover for my computer chair.  It's white fabric salvaged from a sheet that got so torn in one place I don't want to mend it, so I'm taking what's usable and turning it into other things (washable coffee filters will be one thing, though that won't use much fabric... and will save money on paper filters).  A soak in a tub or visit to a hotspring would be very welcome right now.

rant warning

Ok, this is more of a note/reminder to myself (like many entries ultimately are), but I'm going to leave it in the public view. *sighs*

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I'll return with happier things...  First, attacking another dirt monster and battling inner demons... and a nice waltz with my Shadow... >.<

*smiles slowly but deeply*

The package I sent arrived at it's ultimate destination safe and sound.  I am very happy.

Goruden: You should have seen the smile.


Ayu: *still giggling from this morning*

x.x *blush* I am not funny...

Ice: ... cute...

Why the heck does every spirit instantly know as soon as they get in the room? *listens to Ice's "report."

Goruden: Because all the ones in here are close in our our fashions, and Hisui said to be "nice" the last we saw him.  Naturally, this means we tease you until you either mutter while we arrive, or he reads over a shoulder if he gets the courage to be close enough to be felt...  Then he mumbles about how odd he finds it that his elders can be so immature...

*headdesk* That's sounds right... Eh, reminds me I have art to do tomorrow while the kids are in school, after I do that paperwork...  Not like I needed reminding because I am looking forward to it.

*sighs* going to be a busy night... 3 stops I know I will be doing... wonder what I'll remember...

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Well... had some company drop by today needing some pictures downloaded and emailed.  Ended up having to stick them in my secondary photostorage and emailing a link instead... mreh

Met Rose Feaster's daughter, looks just like a young version of her mother.  Met her little baby girl too... made the mistake of holding the adorable little teal eyed cutey.  Absolutely no milk, but I still had the urge to nurse the child.  Didn't help that she looked so much like Athena in some ways and that she wasn't much older than when I'd had to wean from breast to bottle...

Crap...  Now I'll have a breeding urge for at least a few days...  Nuuuuuuu........  I need my brain to focus on other things...  Not how nice it is to hold tiny sweet smelling infants that laugh when you wiggle your whiskers...  No Hana you may not have a baby, remember all the inconveniences too!

Hana: What? Me? I think it's you...

Thank goodness this always passes quickly... @.@ I'd be doomed.

Still, it's weird how that gets triggered so easy.  Why is this noted?  The odd immediate response and feeling of fullness.  Babies, cute as they are, are dangerous psychological weapons... x.x

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Odd notes:

Despite going to bed first round 9 PM (after I bravely defended the shower against invasion by small children) I woke up last... about 9 AM...  :/ 12 hours... The past cycle must have taken more than I thought... No wonder the first couple days where hell pain wise... Thank kami that's over... >.> geeze...

I apparently got up about 3 AM ish for a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  There were sandwich remains on a plate on the dresser by my bed with my teeth marks in it (only one in house with mouth that size...)

Had one as bedtime snack too, and despite thoroughly brushing my teeth right after... for some reason I'm not entirely convinced that I wouldn't have tasted like peanut butter and honey in the dream realm... realllllly odd.... (the iron craving driving me to peanuts isn't odd, that's expected... it's the impression I tasted like peanut butter and honey that's odd...)

>.< *also craves baklavah*

Two days in a row now I smell like a watermelon...  Athena even stuck her nose and rubbed them in the scent glands on my neck to verify this.  The change in smell confused her as much as me... I've not worn any perfume for a long time now, and while my shampoo is lavender my soap is vanilla... they don't combine to make watermelon and I've been using this combo a while...

Why did I wake up with "fuzzy tails?"  I have a distinctly "furry" sensation over my body, but still feel wings, head plumage, and my ever explorative whiskers...  I don't remember anything but general impression from last night, but what did I do to wake up as a combination fox dragon thing...  I'm going to have to try drawing this out so I can keep it for reference as to the energetic/mental/astral/dreamshifting abilities... *sighs* body feels more vulpine than draconic *chuckles* odd.

Plus side to being fuzzy feeling... I'm warmer!

Today is Athena's birthday.  I'm giving her the watercolor I did of her spirit form, which had started out as a random doodle, and am going to be painting her a fan today after school (I'll probably turn on the cam when I do that if I've got the messenger on).  I'm planning to let Athena choose what sort of scene she'd like painted on her fan.

Will be a "special fan" so I think we'll use the "good set" of calligraphy brushes.  Today is her 7th birthday after all...  Too bad I couldn't get her up to the shrine in Washington...  Maybe I'll be able to do that this summer, but if not then Mt Lassen will suffice, and is "closer" to the proper... ritual? bah... lost it.

Had a deja vu moment with Blu this morning.  She gets lonely and missing a group like I do at times.  Quite similar in many way.  We talked a bit about memories... shared ones. Beginning... interesting convo.  Will definitely keep it.

>.> side note... I have 10 blank fans.  On one of them I have this odd urge to paint a stylized spirit fox.  It's an image from last night.  I do remember doodling a little while snuggled with a close friend (my mate).  Didn't do the drawing thing all night, but I did for a little.

note to self about that great dragon painting

It's called Wax Dragon Ame... and it's by Natascha Roeoesli. *pokes own brain*

Also... quit avoiding your yearly physical... bad Ame, we get bit next time... x.x

further note to self... hide that watercolor of Snapdragon... she hasn't seen it yet... would make nice gift.

further further note to self. figure out who turned the lake purple... and WHY...  purple water is actually sort of cool looking, but why is it that color and glowing??? something down there now?

on kitties (*corrects typo*)

I don't think I remarked on it when it passed by this year, but January 8 is a important day for me.  Yes, there are a few things still that I never actually write down when they happen.  I wrote about it when it happened, but not this year.

This year, instead of it seeming an anniversary of death, it felt like a birthday...

January 8, 2005, the cat that I'd had literally since his birth had passed on of old age.  It was a shock to me when I opened the door to the room that he slept in (he was very long haired and black, so he couldn't sleep with Adam, and at the time I still shared my bed) to find that he had moved on.  He had gone in his sleep, and had reached that cold, stiff point.

Moonbeam and Athena camped on mommy's bed (hadn't got the blanket over her again yet, and admittedly I did have the house pretty hot).  He was quite adamant that Athena was HIS baby.

I had dreamed he had come to say goodbye for a time, but had expected the dream to be just an acknowledgment of the coming time.  He was getting old, and had lived far longer than perhaps he should have after an accident when he was one (yes, I know that some of you will complain about him having even been outside. well, way out in the sticks its not always possible to keep them indoors all the time, especially if your dad comes along and regularly tosses all the mousers out to do their job).

Goruden... you turkey legs, don't make me type "ass" when I'm trying to type "all"... *glad she caught that before posting* and you snap at me when I call my dad an ass for that, no matter how much I love him... -_-

Goruden: I liked the cat, he kept you occupied and happy.  You always got grumpy when he was outside and not with you.


Those of you that were reading my stories back then and talking with me may remember my mood swings that settled into a somewhat dark place...  Some may remember how Moonbeam got Underwater Saviour dedicated to him.  He still hangs around, not as much as he used to, but I feel him...

Now, what got Ame writing on this, you may ask.  Bear lost his little Merlin today.  I was hoping to get to meet his Merlin when I do ever get to go over to England (I am demanded there for an event in the future between a couple dragons. lol  Still need to recheck those international laws and see if I can do it legally for (x.x edits to include the missing f) him, or if it will have to be ceremonial and they can do justice of the peace sort for their paperwork. *puts up another note to self*).  He thinks it was a car.  His other two are pretty confused and looking for their friend...  Bear's pretty depressed. *sigh*

In other news... today was voting day, and yes I did vote.  Right now I'm looking at my starflower and pondering which brush to use for darkening the background.  Flowers and voting might look like they have no connection, but for some reason it springs to mind for me.  Maybe because of the environment factor... hm...

Remember to go vote, those of you that are registered.  The system might be a bit screwed up, or not, but we have the freedom to vote, and if you vote then you can all bitch and moan how the government didn't listen if if goes and does what you voted against.  Don't vote, then you don't really get to complain as you didn't say anything in the first place.  Yeah, I sound a bit bitchy now, and I'm really not feeling that way, but if we here in America don't tell our government what we want by writing letters, making calls, and going out and voting on voting day... then it's our own fault.

*shakes chopsticks*

Anyway, have a good day all, and self, I will possibly be back later, or maybe not.  I'm feeling creative, and have that welling sensation that comes with "eggs" hatching (whether physical, mental, spiritual, artistic, stories... whatever... all eggs and I'm feeling fertile).

*decides to twist up hair to keep it out of the way and sticks her chopstick in it*

some autism stuff this time

Well, today's actually been a pretty busy work day for me.  I've cranked out several poems (connection to spirit seems to be wide open today... feels good and explains my late rash of "extra soft and cuddly ame" of which I do not complain as it feels rather natural) feel a story brewing... and if I had decent watercolors (not ones all mixed up... me picky...) I'd be painting.  I know where my acrylics are... but the current project I really want watercolor for.

So... more up in my Deviant Art gallery...

Anyway, the Doctor Mercola mailing list thing sent me some interesting information today that gives me more to think about...

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In more cheerful things, this snowstorm is quite prolific.  We've currently got about 3 feet out there in the yard.  I find myself rather delighted that the Maverick is nearly covered.  It's looking like quite the nice dump of snow! ^^  I'll bet the ski park looks GREAT!  Now if I just had the gas and money to get up there.  I'd like to go, even if it's just for one run...

From lupabitch who got this from talheres

This is stupid... who wants to INDUCE autism?

Lupa's right... that is completely crappy.... -_- *hisses and puffs up*