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A bit of life in the Dragon's Den

 Merlin's been requested to take some pics of his pipe cleaner transformers that he's been building. He took some with him to one of the doctor offices to keep himself entertained during one of Athena's appointments. There, he met the guy that sometimes teaches classes on animation over in Mt Shasta's art bus. His transformers were photographed after gaining our permission, and these were shown to our new contacts contacts in LA...who apparently love them.

We're going to be notified when the next class on stop animation will be, as Merlin wants to get into doing that and has been asking to do so for a while. I'm wondering if this may be some indication as to where Merlin will go in life, since he is really talented with building things. Endless possibilities for my boy, and very happy that he is discovering such talents so young.

If he were a Pony...his cutie mark would have something to do with building, methinks.

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Board Games and Mother Daugther Bonding Plans

Me: *spies Go board* Hey, we haven't played Go in a while... *epic voice* Athena, you know what we should do soon? We should play Go!
Athena: OMG! Yes! Soon!
Me: Tomorrow?
Athena: Can't tomorrow. Busy. *thinks* Busy all week.
Me: Awww... Weekend? *thumbs up/cheesy grin/emphatic head nod*
Athena: Ye-. Wait. Don't want to wait that long. Tomorrow when I get back.
Me: Deal. Tomorrow we play GO! *Victory V*

So. This feels a bit odd that daughter and I have to coordinate schedules to play a game of Go. I'm glad she still wants to play games with me.

I need to get Clue and Life sometime soon too. Also...Mancala... The kids like those. Merlin's not quite where we can play Yahtzee with him yet. Oh! Maybe I can find a Mill set. If not... could make one and DECORATE it!

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Cruddy sleep last night.  Tonight it wasn't so much my throat and not being able to breathe due to Niagra Falls, and more constantly having to change positions to keep my sinuses draining. I'm very glad that Athena's boyfriend stayed over to help out with Merlin, because when I got up there was no way I'd have been able to make sure Merlin didn't run off from the bus stop.  He was in one of those moods.  He's planning to come over after school to help her with straightening the house up for me again and helping with Merlin.

I move, and I get these sharp stabbing pains around my right eye (and the eye itself).  Have the humidifier going and trying to keep my fluids up so that it will flush out of there.  No way I'm going to be able to take myself to doctor or get over the hill for meds.  Thank goodness the tea help some... though I'm running low on what I need for what I prefer when sick.  I may have to send the kids to the store so they can case out what's in stock with what I use, and pick up some.

Sadly, I was hurting so bad when I got Merlin dressed that I forgot to tell him happy birthday.  So I'll have to tell him when he gets home.  I think I'll have either Athena or bf hold the cake when we do the candle and singing thing.  I'd drop it right now.

October Costumery

So, I had been planning on being Kirsty this Halloween.  Since I had to cut off my hair after Fiesta earlier this year, my hair is not long enough yet.  I'd hoped to perhaps find a brown wig that would work.  So far, that's a no go.  I did come across my white wig though, so being Ceru (an rp character from an LOTR rp) may be a possibility.  My white victorian dress did turn up though, so that makes me lean more heavily towards the Kirsty idea.  I suppose I could paint my face to look sealish though, and go as Kirsty when she is older and in the "inbetweenish" selkie state.

Merlin's costume is going to take some ingenuity as well, due to being such a big boy.  I had to stop by Rite Aid earlier, and I saw a few costumes he would have liked.  Mario and Transformers options were too small though.  Those didn't go higher than size 10.  The Yellow Bird from Angry Birds was the same.  They had Red and Black Birds in adult size, that might have fit, but those were nearing $40.  Maybe I can talk him into dressing the part of a wizard though, we've already got stuff that we can do that with.  Or make him a simple cardboard transformer costume, then he can use his Bumblebee mask another year.  Wish I could convince him to go as a spaceman, he'd make a great one (downside... blaster happy Merlin alien on sugar traversing the neighborhood defending a selkie-witch from zombies... I know he'd go there).

Athena plans to go as a pirate anime kitty girl (NOT A FURRY, I WILL STOMPIFY ANOYONE CALLING HER THAT, AS SHE IS NOT A FURRY AND THAT'S A DIFFERENT CAN O' WORMS).  She's got the tail, these adorable paws, cute ears, and has cobbled together a great piratey outfit with the help of a top borrowed from a neighbor and raiding my closet and jewelery cases.  Her costume looks very much like something someone on the good vessel Tempest Queen during some of her more... "interesting" magical supply voyages.

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So last night while reading Homeward Bound (Jan's book, totally different from the dog story by the same name) the kids were in an art mood.  Indeed, Athena had been doing arty things all day after getting home from our trip to Yreka.  Everyone had had an urge to watch Hamtaro, so we'd watched some episodes before story time.  For this reason, the TV was still on, and the kids decided they were going to draw Hamtaro while I read to them, using the image on the dvd menu as their reference.

Athena's is not done yet (and Merlin got a hold of it and colored the orange bit, with sent Athena off) and will likely go into her deviant art gallery once she's finished with it.  Merlin's is done though.  So I thought I would show them both off, as they did quite well.

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Adventures with Athena

So last night, daughter was sleeping over with one of her friends.  I was just getting myself and son to bed, as son has school still.  I got a phone call from the mother that Athena had fallen while horsing around with the girls, hit her head on a table, and was bleeding a lot.  So I went over to determine how bad it was and to take her to the ER if needed.

She needed, we went.

Result: 3 stiches just above the left eyebrow.


Son's Track Day

Merlin did well at the track meet hosted by Kiwanis and Special Olympics at the COS track.  Almost all the kids that had been expected for the county meet showed, only one school missing.  Got a great big hug from Merlin's best friend (even came running calling my name before I saw him).  Was great to see the kids at the county meet.  Merlin enjoyed cheering on his best friend.  Merlin came home with 3rd in the standing jump, 2nd in softball throw, and 2nd in 100 yd dash.

Sadly, no pictures.  I put the camera battery on to charge last night, but found out that it had not charged went I put the battery in the camera and went to test it before leaving.  So boo on that.

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So dropped Athena off at school.  Talked to teacher a bit.  Conversation goes:

Teacher: Are you aware of your daughter's writing abilities? *looking awestruck and pleased*
Mom: Yes, isn't she great?  I'm very proud of her.
Teacher: She's phenomenal!  She's great with description.  Spelling needs a little work, but her writing is phenomenal.
Mom: I know.  Did you know that she wrote her first story at four?  I still have her manuscript, and she intends to go back to it someday and make it better.  I'm so pleased with her writing.

Conversation turns to other things, but having her writing brought up to me after her writing aptitude test, and hearing praise for it from someone other than myself was very pleasing.  Makes me very happy for others to also see her strengths and potentials.  And I like being able to share when nice things are said, since it's not all "aaahhhh she's so stubborn."  I hope she continues with her love of writing, because it was great listening to her when she had been talking to me about her writing test, and hearing how excited she was to get to write a story for a test.

Who wants cake!

Daughter has been trying to talk me into baking her a guitar cake for her 11th birthday (party is tomorrow with her friends, birthday is the 13th). I do not have a special electric guitar shaped pan, nor do I have the room in my tiny kitchen (postage stamp) to tackle the challenge of doing a cut out cake. So she decided that she would settle for me putting one on the cake instead.

This took me all day, what with the mixing, baking, cooling, and icing.

Cake is a wheat free, gluten free, cow dairy free mixture by Pamela's. It is made to be a peach and vanilla marble. Sadly, I made the peach portion too light, so when it baked it did not have quite the variegation of color I was trying for.

The hard part was doing the icing job. This was very different to me than using paints. The lighting is not the best either due to the time of day, so the purple flames tend to blend in to the brown of the guitar body. My hands were dead after finishing this.

Yes, I know there are only four strings. That is all that I had room for. Flames are supposed to be blue, pink, and purple.

Text reads "happy Bday!"

Yes, I did run out of blue before I was done.

My sister in law is the baker of the family, but this did not come out too badly. No, you're not going to see me doing cake art often. My hands cannot take it. Literally.

Goruden was pretty happy about there at least being some chocolate icing left over.  Of all the things to request on the kamidana... that and "I get some tomorrow too, riiiight?  I helped!"

(no subject)

So Merlin had his first birthday party that anyone outside the family actually came to.  He had two guests, both friends from his school.  The boys had fun with wii, hotdogs, cake, and Athena got them to drink a little of the orange v8 splash.  I was pretty impressed that she managed that, had even gone out specifically to get them something to help boost immune systems since everyone in the area keeps getting sick.

One boy had to go home after about three hours, because his parents live so far away and he's not slept over anywhere yet.  But the one that lives here in town got to stay.

They did great.  They played with Merlin's huge collection of transformers and had some story going on to play that was taking a thread off one of the movies and exploring that with their imaginations.  Quite the storyplayers.  The brushing of the teeth and donning of the PJs at bedtime went well, and though they did not go to sleep when put to bed, they at least stayed where they were and stayed quiet.

Till they woke in the morning, then it was right into loud, boisterous play from having kept so profoundly quiet so long during the night.

My pancakes were not a hit with the boys this morning, which was a bit strange for me as usually Merlin and the girls eat them faster than I can cook them for round two.  There was a minor temper tantrum, but nothing that couldn't be worked through to help our guest (who is a couple years younger than Merlin) learn to control his emotions and express himself appropriately.  He's seven, so a long way to go for an autistic boy, but he's doing good.  He'll get there.

*ahem* even adults still have temper tantrums, usually being spurred by being overtired and thus depressing coping skills.

Anyway, tantrum got worked through, and I'm just thrilled that Merlin has friends he can interact with and have come to his house.  When he was diagnosed at three, I was told he might never have friends because of his condition.  There will be other sleepovers and play dates at some future point, and Merlin was even asked over to sleep over at one of his friend's houses for sometime later on.  That's some good social progress!