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 Release day is upon us for volume one of the dragon poetry and short story anthology "The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury." Thank you to the contributors that made this possible. It was very exciting to see how many different views of 'dragon' sprang from the prompt.
“The Dragons' Beads" features the work of Elizabeth Buckley, Niels Van Eekelen, Athena Garcia, Ollie Lambert, Douglas J. Moore, Meghan Proctor, Jo Anne Spiese, Kristina Stumpf & Michael Camp, and Rachel Wookey. 
Print editions are available at Amazon and Createspace. Ebook is also available. You can get your copy at:
It is also available in notecard format within Second Life:
The price is set so as to be worked out roughly the same as the other ebook versions.
Please show the contributors some love by leaving a review after you've been able to read it. They all worked very hard and I am pleased with what was submitted. Reviews can be left either where you purchased the book, at the Goodreads page, or by dropping a notecard to Amehana Ishtari within Second Life (or in one of the mail slots at the shrine board).
Orders can also be placed directly to the publisher by contacting:
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Teresa Garcia
ladyrainstardragon (at) hotmail.com
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Don't forget about the after release party. That can be accessed through Second Life (either the SL viewer or one of many third party viewers... I use Firestorm) at 6 PM SLT/Pacific Time. It was originally scheduled for 6 to 8, but Grease/John has enough music that if it looks like people want it and it gets cleared with the sim owner to extend another hour.
If you come, there are a couple of "dragon eggs" among the songs that I specifically asked to be played. The first one to IM me during the celebration event for each particular "egg" of the two will win 10 Lindens. If someone IMs me with both then they will earn 20 Lindens.

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Masks (including kitsune)

Merimask Designs

I've gotten this link from one of the people on my F-list, trying to get some buyers for their friend who is in a bit of a financial bind.  I followed the link expecting that if I saw something I liked, it would be a while before I would be able to get anything, and wanting to see the quality before posting a heads up to others.  I did not expect to see so many things that I liked so much (and glad that the kids are currently in school as I know they'd both want one).

If anyone CAN afford one of these masks or other products, and gets one... I wanna seeeeeee.  If you can't get something, please pass the link along to others that might be interested.

Hana: I see one that looks like ME!
Goruden: I like her dragon masks... this seems to be a good option to get one made of you that would be more wearable, and the blue looks rather like Ayunishi.
Ayu: So it does.
Ame: *feels crowded*  Ok, so we save up, just remember this is going to be a long term saving project, and we have other things to be saving for as well.
All: Agreed.


We can think of someone else that's been wanting a proper mask for some time.  Yes dear, I always think of you when I see a good mask maker.

Preliminary Kids' Anthology Info

Ok...  Still no progress on the Dragon Magic anthology... but that is on the docket still, and no deadline yet (no takers yet either).

For the fiction line...  I want to add something done by young authors.  I've just drafted a letter to a little girl who is a fan of mine from where I grew up.  She mentioned she's always wanted to be a writer.  I hear many kids say this same thing.  So...

I want dragon short stories from young people. 18 and below.  More details to follow in an "official" project announcement.  If any of you know kids that like to write dragon stories (or other stories), or would be interested in the challenge...  Talk to them and their parents.  One of the reasons that I set up to publish was to help kids publish too since my daughter wanted to publish a story (Dog Girl she still isn't satisfied with yet, but she still wants me to publish something she's done).  So... not going to get submissions from kids unless someone tells them, right?

Subject matter might be expandable, so just hit me up.

Details will go up sometime soon, after I've got some time later to hash it out... meanwhile...  how do I get in touch with these people and their parents?  And if you know any, give them my contact info, or send me a note with theirs (if you've got permission or think they're interested).  And they don't have to just be in the US, I'm interested in kids from other countries too, but please have things in English (some words from other languages included is fine, especially if meanings are give).

Ok...  Off to the store for daily needs!  Hooah!

Book Review: Mystical Dragon Magick

Mystical Dragon Magick: Teachings of the Five Inner Rings
D.J. Conway

So, I’ve finally finished reading the book from cover to cover.  I’ve had my ups and downs with reading it, having had to put it down for a while and read something else, and then come back.

It wasn’t because the book was so advanced.  It didn’t live up to my expectations.  I had been expecting a more intermediate level work, but what it was, after careful reading, was still beginner oriented.  Not that it is a bad thing, but it was not what I had been led to expect and hope for.

There were a few things that I can consider intermediate (not that I consider myself advance), which is mostly the sections where one pauses to think.  Subjects such as healing the soul are difficult to write about without sounding obtuse or wispy.

I was disappointed though in the fact that what was presented was her view of the way the world of dragons is.  Perhaps it is because I am not her, perhaps it is because I consider myself a dragon living in a human body and remember what my experiences were and how myself and others lived.  Setting aside my disagreement with how she divided the clans, I was also disappointed in that she described how she saw the “dragon world.”  How I see is different than how she sees, and will be different than how another would see.

I was also saddened by the fact that though she mentioned about dragon magick having no religion, she was not able to keep her own religion (Wicca) to show through in how she presented the information.  Perhaps I ask too much, but a mention that her personal religious choice would flavor how she presented the information that she had received through her research and from the dragons themselves would have helped tremendously.  

The “guided meditations” in the book, though showing promise, were too much of a “drug along by the hand” thing for my taste, and too full of description, with not enough encouragement to look around for oneself.  They were good for examples, but it should be stressed (often) that if the meditation begins to stray away from the script, to follow it.  Initiations also may not go as smoothly as the ones in the book.

I was also annoyed that so much of the book was taken up by correspondence listings.  I wasn’t reading for those, I was looking for something else.  I was hoping to see more life-changing things, the application of principles, more talk and more in-depth discussion of the weaving of energy and how the dragons themselves work.  That, to me, is the important aspect of dragon magic to learn and to share…

What I read was about Multiverse, God and Goddess, Dragons being made to sound supreme and just beneath the God and Goddess (they/we aren’t, they/we goof too and have much to learn).  There weren’t many references to where she got her information, which could easily lead to someone thinking that it all was channeled from dragons.

My dragon guardians/companions/co-workers weren’t all that impressed by the book either.  According to Goruden, “A start, a start.  I don’t agree with it all, but maybe she’s having trouble expressing the rest and separating it out… and you don’t exactly always do the most stellar job of expressing the deep magic you are party to…”  I will admit that I have trouble finding words to convey certain lessons I have learned through my life.

Anyway, I would place this more at the beginner level on the book shelf, remind everyone to think for themselves and that lessons don’t just come from black letters on a piece of paper, go do some Weaving, and take a nice nap in the Void.  Five to one says she eventually writes another book on dragon magick, and yet again doesn’t consult with those in the flesh (write a book about dragon magic, one really should for a more rounded perspective).

And no, I don’t mean to sound like I’m bashing.

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Well, today had started out great.  Hana and I were equally balanced and sharing our body, acting in tandem and feeling great.  It's something that we both rather liked, even though it feels a little strange to us.

Now, Hana's retreated somewhere inside and is shuddering in revulsion, and if she could puke her guts out in irritation she would.

What happened?  It starts with an A and ends with an M.  We were minding our own business, in the midst of laundry stuff and on our way back through the living room, on our way to the bedroom.  There were some plates on the floor I was going to pick up (no idead why they were there) and I was going to get some of the dirty laundry from my room (a mixture of everyone's).

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an anime looking thing that looked like naked people.  Surprised, I turn my head to fully look, and there's Adam having sex in IMVU.  I find out later from him that he'd just met the chick.

Gah, you don't have sex with someone you don't share a spiritual and loving connection with.  That's the way I was raised, apparently not him.  Once again I am slapped in the face with WHY the marriage is over.

Hana bawled him out of the house.  Yes, it's "his" house.  His name on it as a single man as he'd bought it before we got married, just in case we did get divorced, as that's how his family wanted it.  so, when I get fed up I have had to be the one to leave.  We were done and she kicked him out.

I fully agree.  He's on the couch again though with Merlin.  I don't want anything to do with him.  That shared custody thing we'd been talking about?

Kiss it goodbye Adam, if you have the balls to read this.  You're lucky I'm not one of those vindictive women, because they would already legally have your balls on a keychain.  However, Hana is disgusted by this image, and would probably burn them in a fire and do nasty things with the ashes.

Have some respect, you cyber, do it in text and hide the window when others walk by.  Lucky the kids were in school and didn't see.  Pervert, some chick you don't know.  I've said it to you before, sex is a spiritual thing.

He was using Athena's wireless antannae no less!  His seven year old daughter's wireless antenna from her computer that she uses to go online and play on sites like PBS Kids and Cartoon Network!  Trav took care of cleansing the antenna for me.

Faith apparently heard me scream 20 minutes before she came down.  She arrived at the door a little bit before Hana screamed Adam out of the house.  I'm ashamed to say I cried on her shoulder.  Cried!  Me!

"I'm sorry honey, but you need to find someone who views it as spiritually as you do."

I know someone with whom I have such a strong connection, but he's so far away...  I pray with all my being that he is able to come, because men who understand are so rare...  I can count on my hand the men I know... B. (not available and wrong orientation), Trav (not available and would be like being with my brother anyway... ewwwwwwwww), J.W. (Faith's mate and not my type), my brother (I  repeat: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww), and... the dear one that I wait for, just even to give him such a simple thing as a hug.

I feel so gross, I've done the equivalent of walking into my livingroom to find him physically there with some slut.  Not even the decency to hide the window knowing that I was moving around and to wait until my back was turned and I was out of the room.  I don't care that he was doing that (whole marriage being over thing) at least not in the way that I would if we were still trying to make a marriage work (I think I was the one doing all the trying) but that I was able to see!  Not in text... I wouldn't have noticed if he'd been boinking on yahoo...

To think I used to spread my legs for this man and allow his seed in me... *shudders in revulsion*

I want to cry to Vadise, or to Salaiek, Bear, or Blu...  If I called mom, dad would be here in a flash and the kids and I would be over at my parent's early... I don't want to mess up the kid's schooling because of Adam... it's not fair to them.

And more aggravating, Merlin's playing with toys right now and Adam's not interacting with him at all unless I do...  Adam just sits there playing his pokemon game (I took the antenna, so he can't do anything "fun" on his comp).  He's dumped the kids on Bonnie before when I've been gone, just to go help one of his buddies with things that could honestly wait...  Just... the whole depths of this floors me.

Merlin's last day of school is June 20...  I pray to all the gods there are that I can last that long.  I'm going to have to ask mom later today if I can send Athena over before Merlin and I come since she gets out earlier.  I also pray we're able to get a different place to live for the school year since Merlin really does need his program, otherwise I'll have to live here again...

How do single moms and other divorcing moms do this???  I start to get healthy, then I get waylaid by something again.  And Adam's not even worth my energy...  If the kids were older, there would be so much less to worry about... and I'm too stubborn to roll over and die because damn it, I've got two kids to live for and dreams for my future that I want to live to see happen.

*sighs* At least Merlin seems to be unaffected... now he's got an empty supersoaker and is playing at  Ghost Busters... to Goruden's amusement.

And Goruden cussed at me today during my explosions... told me to get both sets of prayer beads and "sit your ass down in your chair.  Breathe onna!  Kuso!"

Also found out the other day when Faith had been really sick and JW had called to borrow some fever reducers that Goruden had had to bully Faith back down the steps and into her body.  At least I know I'm NOT crazy, because Goruden, Faith,Trav and I had a conversation in the living room and they heard him (Ayunishi opted for being small and hanging around my neck and snuggling).

1:24 PM

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Been a rough day.  I know what caused it though.  We had a family member over in his official capacity yesterday (as Merlin's Far Northern worker), and the kids just HAD to show off for him... which consisted of wrestling and being rowdy... which of course carries over to wanting to do it today too...


Man what a head ache...

Anyway, Athena wants me to show off her blue dragon pillow that she got...  Sala, she says thank you for drawing such a cool dragon.

So you know, she's been sleeping with it.  It's quite sturdy, I'm pretty pleased with it's construction.  The shirts have turned out nicely too.

>.> *has not given her brother and future sister-in-law her evil little gift yet*
*wonders if she can retain her life by including chocolate covered cherries in the package... probably should considering she's yet to wrap it, plans several nested boxes, brown paper... and lots of duct tape*

Anyway, time for bed, maybe the kids will fall asleep and I can unwind by reading a little of the last Harry Potter before heading off to dreamland...

By the way, don't ask about that poor couch...  Sewing has to wait till Merlin goes back to school again...


*moves all art projects up a notch in the que*

Finally, I have been working on this for months...
Between the Storms

Art related ramble is in the artist's notes there.  I was going to do more with the scales... but.... MAN!  Metallic = beyond Ame's current ability with that program...

*die* Soooo looking forward to the kids staying out of my paints so I can have a date with my real paints and brushes again.  *pokes at the last sentence*  That sounded weird...

Ok, enough ramble... time to get back to the after holiday mess I hid from to finish that.  May you all have a sane several days!

*does not think she'll use that art technique for a while, and will scream if they stick it in manga, as it is NOT MANGA technique but PAINTING technique she used*