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Still not taken the time to get to answering my emails or comments, but I've not forgotten you.  And I do appreciate what you have to say.  I'm not ignoring it, just taking care of things.  Brain still overloaded, but things on the kid front are calming again.

I finally got Pond Lord framed and installed over the door where his spot has been waiting for him since before I started work on him.  He's in a silver frame against copper "parchment" paper, and the effect of him flanking Arashi Shrine with Forest Fox is interesting.

While I had the frames dug out, I framed Athena's therapy certificate for her, since she'd wanted me to do that.  I also discovered that the glass in some of the frames got broken, which sucks.  However, some of the pieces were of a size that I can use them for painting on...

I may need to ask brother if I can borrow his glass cutter.  I don't do enough glass cutting to warrant having one of my own... and if brother doesn't have one, I know that dad did (we've... um... still not gotten rid of any of his stuff, and tools are too useful to give away).  One of the pieces I'll leave as is, as it's an awesome shape for a mountain scene... the other two though I'd like a more traditional shape.  Once I do have them painted, they will be up for sale, so I'll post an update once they are done.

If anyone out there wants me to paint something special, I'm certainly open to orders before I start, as I've got Athena's painting to finish first, as well as the Celtic woman... so there is time before I start.

Not to mention the fact that I need to write up two challenges for DH and some more of those descriptions for his other project (don't devour me Boss... I've not forgotten).  Speaking of... I hope Sala gets a working tablet soon for her part.

In other news... Merlin gave me a surprise backrub today after I had finished with a layer of Athena's painting... and "helped" me make my coffee (he insisted he stir it for me).  We also have bread in the oven... yum...  Now hopefully he'll eat it!  That's going to be disappointing if he takes a bite and rejects it like he recently did with Athena's delicious cookies that she baked completely on her own (with supervision).  Rather irritating with how much work and love Athena put in the cookies, only to have Merlin try one, make a disgusted noise, and run to the toilet where he PRETENDED to puke.  That was hugely over the top and took quite a while to get Athena calmed down from.

Kids... *sighs*

Also... the house is starting to echo again when I do the morning and night time prayers, offerings, and spiritual practices.  It wasn't echoing for a while, and it's not simply the WHERE of where I stand.  I've tried in other house locations and it does the same.  Either I've done something exceptionally pleasing, or a lot of heavy energy has been broken up and cleared out.  Another interesting thing, Merlin comes running when I make the first claps and tries to chant along with me... and commented after morning prayer that the kamidana is about Love.  Good observation, Merlin.

*disappointed Bear and Blu can't come visit, but understands... may get a package of cookies in the mail later, just not right now... had to promise Athena she'd mail them cookies* *NOT shipping cookies to Argentina though (would probably be stale by then, or Customs would eat them, or get lost, or make you pay for free cookies... or gods know what), you have to come get some yourself, same with kitsune udon* :P

Alright, back to stuff... namely putting the closet back in order since I made a mess looking for the frames.

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As of late last night, school stuff is done for the week.  I also just finished a picture, done in color pencil.  I'm waiting for my chop to dry, then whenever I can get big green from Merlin I can scan and upload.  I'm pretty pleased with how the crystals came out with their internal light, but I need more practice still.  I could use more practice (and patience) drawing treasure piles too... and feet.  I hate drawing feet...  Yes I do.  But seriously, I've gotten so much better than when I started drawing things years ago.

Sleepy, but I want to dance to some good music with good friends.  Or walks, walks are good too.  I like walks. *doofus grin*  Looking forward to tomorrow and a hope hope hoping the old friend I plan to visit will be free like she's thinking. *crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs... then falls over like a goob*

those arts

Loyalty, Devotion, Spirit
The Shell Script Kanji I was talking about the other day

Pond Lord
The other half of my door guardian paintings.  >.> Now I'll still have to dig out the frame I have for him.  And it only just struck me that both turned out to be male.  Oh well. lol works for me.  One can gnaw to death and the other can drench em.

This art post made possible by:
Rowan Wookey, of Web Design for All, who fixed my network since it decided to be broken when I managed to get to the computer.  Thank you Bear.  Be glad that none of you had to hear my squalling ("NETWORK DEAD AGAIN? NO NETWORK MEANS NO PRINTER FOR SCHOOL. Oh, yeah... also means I'd have to kick merlin off the other comp to get those scans up... .... .... AHHHHHH!")

Hanko # 1 - *covers eyes*

Ok...  Sometime tomorrow I will take my reading quiz for Native American History.  I was going to do so today, but the heat effectively boiled my brain, the resulting oils and goo dripping out my ears and nasal cavities leaving a tiny raisin.  Thankfully, with the night cooling some use of brain power has returned.

I did some work on my hanko/chop.  I have the first either completed, or nearly completed.  I probably should have streamed my work, but to be honest most of my brain was still a raisin.  Also, since it was my first attempt, I kind of did not want to record for posterity my shaky hands, and the repeated "can you help guide my hands?  I really wish I had a clamp for this..."

Let's not forget the "Is that etched deep enough?  I can't tell, it filled with dust...  This is so not a pro job..."

I like having a dremmel... let's just say that...  And maybe the fact that I wouldn't mind working more on this sort of stuff as a hobby...  I would like to do a bigger on, probably in wood though as soapstone is kind of expensive when held against my monthly budget.  I suppose tradition has won after all and the artist must ultimately still carve her own (saving me $80 or so anyway...).  Sadly, it doesn't look like my handwriting, or at least I don't think so.  Curves are rather... challenging...  I am definitely glad my art desk has such a handy bendy light clamped to it...

As I still have one more blank, I will stream when I work on that one.  Aw geeze, the stage fright comes...  I can get on stage and play a character, but let people watch me create something???  Not as interesting as watching someone create chain mail (we are still jealous of thine hand strength)...

And no...  I have no clue why I had an urge to work on stone.  It hit suddenly while I was outside dripping off the porch.  As to why I'm still up at this hour?  It's hot...

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Well, I'm pleased with myself.  I finally not only started the island pic for Dragon Hearts, but also finished it.  Or, at least, it's finished for now.  Once it's dry then I'll decide if it needs more detailing or not.  I'm rather pleased though.

Yes, one of the pirate ships made it in...

Now I just need to get my list of other pics for the map.  Because it would really be good to have those all done for when Rowan implements what he originally had me doing them for.

And Sala... keep up that roll that you're on for the towns, shrines, and such.  Really enjoying seeing those (Purple Shrine is great, you made me cackle).

Winter Solstice Card

Father Snow

Finished a Christmas / Solstice / Yule themed design today. This was inspired by a beautiful figurine that had been pointed out to me. Many thanks for showing me that. The original looks far better than the scan, but for once I'm pleased with how the scan captured the art.

I've got it available for prints. If you're looking for greeting cards, now is the time to order through the Deviant Art... They've got a special running.
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Messing around with stuff

I sometimes turn on my webcam while I paint.  Mott showed me his livestream yesterday, where I got to watch him game and listen to his music a while (whilst getting up and down tending kids).  I decided I'd experiment with this and get comfortable with it.  So now when I work on something, if I can, I'll be livestreaming.

Right now this is just so interested friends and family can watch me, but I might eventually work up something more interesting.

Livestream channel


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Today has been busy.  I:

- Made coffee the special way dad liked it now and then...
- Got a nap.
- Did phone thing with Social Security to be Merlin's payee
- Got to the Post Office to drop off more flyers and send out some paperwork to Human Services
- Went to the store to get some essentials I'd run out of... and some toffee chips and baking cocoa to surprise the kids
- Knocked out several logo ideas in one day (which... don't meet approval... so still coming up with ideas to submit)
- Some of those ideas may eventually wind up being basis for a proper color drawing AFTER getting a proper logo done... especially because foxes working on beastly computers is cute...
- Roasted pumpkin seeds
- fixed the laptop's problem with sending out bad urls in YIM... yet again...
- Solved one problem on the PC.
- Uninstalled software that was no longer needed.
- Picked on Bear
- Been picked on in return
- Actually got to have an intellectual conversation... and focused through it!  As in, my brain wasn't fuzzy!
- Caught the cat after it ran off.
- Got scratched up getting said cat.
- Made pizza... on sourdough bread, but it worked.
- Put away a bunch of loose stuff, thus clearing off the lower bunk (it was a bunch of stuff...  I want to get some of those under the bed clothes boxes...
- Had some outside time

Have a few other ideas to try doing for this logo attempt... if any are ultimately accepted, will have to scale down the images with an editor and do any requested touch-ups, since I am doing these proposals by hand... and I can't draw teeny tiny... trying to come up with ideas (that don't suck) is definitely a brain tease...

Gah... I shouldn't be drinking coffee at this hour...

You know... I always liked the Nike Swoop...  Nike being for victory, the swoop just conveys this great sense of swift movement...  Wish I could come up with something as powerful as that...

Pleased with Merlin... he washed his hair for me today on his own... didn't have to fight, cajole, or anything.  Of course, this was after my mood dropped like an elephant, so maybe he did it to cheer me up, or maybe he wanted his hair nice...  I don't know.

Would like a name so I could try playing with text or initial logo ideas...  Got to be something that fits...

helped Athena with spell checking a letter.  Both kids are currently asleep now as I write this... Ahhhh... quiet... and I managed to remember a password for an account after literally a whole day trying to remember.  So much for clarity... XD oh well.

Probably should go to sleep myself... but I'm liking the quiet...

Maybe take my sketching out on one of the benches if the sprinklers aren't going...

painting and an egg

Finished another painting for DH. This one is the requested cave painting. It's drying right now, so I'll scan the pic and update with a link later. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Several days of ruminating on what I wanted to do and how, a little experimentation... but only one day to actually get what was in my head onto the Bristol board.

By the way, when working with browns, I highly recommend using old coffee (not coffee with milk, though that might work for some interesting effect... will have to experiment on a test paper) instead of plain water when doing watercolors... in addition to it making a nice antiquing wash. I'm really going to have to play with the scanner to get it to pick up on the subtleties of this piece.

Think I'll work more on painting crystals later... I found that very intriguing.

Still taking commisions for art. And I do more than watercolors if people have a preference of medium...

Also... I have a new egg... Adopt one today! Clicks help it grow...

A second draggy baby... Adopt one today!

Don't ask, I have no idea why I had the urge to adopt an egg. Maybe it was the whole "ohhh... caves make good nesting grounds..." thing...

And since it's officially the 21st, happy birthday to Harley, and to the other people out there born this day.

Have some warped humor...

Particularly the "ow, my back and pretty much whole body hurts, but I don't dare lay myself down because I won't be able to get back up, gee I wish I could get a massage, hey there's someone in sports more grumpy than me" variety.

Bat breaking fail.

Read the picture captions.

I still hurt though.  Why do I still hurt? not fair.  No, I am not going to take Ibuprofren, I'm saving the over the counter variety for the kids.  Holiday gift idea...  Reiki treatment and/or massage... preferrably at least a good massage of the low back.

Body, you traitor!

At least I've managed to force myself to do a bit of cleaning and even cracked out one painting for DH in one day.  I'm uploading to Rowan's system for eventual game use, and to DA (a smaller file probably).  Will also be putting in other portfolios.

I need a date, nice dinner, steak and salad maybe, or heck - movie and pizza...  but I'm not on the market and don't intend to be *cue great big mean dogs from nowhere trained to eat pervs and unwanted suitors*  Only person I'd like to go out with on a real date isn't here.  And I can't afford to go out with the family (and definitely not cooking a mini clan gathering supper with the apartment looking like... the main housekeeper was down and her assistant was too (that would be me and Athena).

At least both kids did go to school.  I got a little alone time.  Not exactly what I needed.  Ok, so the couple extra house sleep, yes.  Bed was cold though...