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Musashi pt 1

So far, I have read through Eiji Yoshikawa's "Musashi" to page 98.  It is a riveting tale that has taken me many places since starting our with Shimmen Takedo laying on his back at the battlefield of Segikahara.  I smiled at his friend Matahachi's survival, and snuck with them as they searched for safety.  I stood witness through their hiding with Oko and Akemi, the widow and daughter of a powerful freebooter, and Takedo's rebuffs as Oko tried to seduce him... and to her anger at that.  I railed at Matahachi when he abandoned his fiance Ostu and took instead the woman that had gotten him drunk, and presumably into his hakama, and the abandonment of the ungrateful worm Matahachi that Takedo had to bear.

The images continued as he trekked home to Miyamoto to tell Osugi, mother of Matahachi, of her son's state of living and that he had abandoned the temple-child Otsu, and his request that Osugi break the news gently to Otsu.  I shook my head as Osugi, having always hated Takedo, lured him into a bath and sent word for soldiers to come apprehend the man... and his amazing battle, completely nude and only with a spear that he had taken from an enemy soldier to retain his freedom...

And busted up laughing at the apparently sucky soldiers since Takedo unhurriedly redressed himself on top of a roof and got away.

And with Otsu, at the temple where she waited so patiently for her love and his best friend to return, I railed with her at the receipt of letters from Oko, who told her that Matahachi was marrying her and being adopted into her family (and that Oko had no idea why Matahachi still worried about her), and one from the weak scumbag Matahachi that detailed it was too hard for him to return to her and that she should forget him.  And with her, I tore apart the fine silk kimono that she had been weaving her soul into so painstakingly for the day of her wedding to him.

Takuan, an itinerant monk that had turned down many a fine post and prefers to wander, discovered her heartbroken and half dead in her loom shed...

I flowed through the story, so skillfully woven that I surely would have gone insane having to wait for the next chapter in the newspaper, and marvelled at how Takedo was captured, escaped, and eventually reunifed with his sister.

Three years until the change of his name, and Ikeda Terumasa and Takuan rename the man Musashi, and Musashi is offered a position of vassal.  He turns down the job offer, on the grounds that he did not want to tempt the ghosts of his ancestors, who had once been the rulers of Himeji Castle, to instigate an uprising.

I leave off my reading, for now, just before Musashi gets to see his sister's face for the first time in three years of study of Chinese and Japanese classics... Ikeda-sama had allowed him to study as much as he desired during his incarceration, so that he would be fit for title of samurai.

I must feed the children.  And to see the level that this is written at, one must read it themselves, no quick rehashing and jotting down of thoughts can do this book justice.  I aspire to one day develop my own storytelling to this level of richness.

Rambling your ear off...

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Oh... and by the way...  Yes Bear, I DID have my coffee.  I will not rip apart the world.  No, there is no cinnamon in it.  And I had a burrito.  No you may not eat it, I already did.  So when are the new packs going live?

Oh... DH business reminds me I still have a few landscapes to whip out.  Then that project contrib is done...  I've not forgotten.

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*rubs eyes* Still tired.  Nice to hear from mate absolute first thing in morning, but definitely prefer it when he's in a better mood.  Answering back when forcing eyes open to see is not easy...  Can't blink at times like that or I find myself falling back asleep.  Phone call would have been easier... could have talked with my eyes closed and related details of weird dream right then...  As well as how I could hear the DS repeatedly hit the floor in Athena's room.  And Athena telling someone to quit dropping it.  Not checked it for chew marks.  Actually do expect to see some.

Athena developed a headache last night, the girl spending the night (who I shall call Tiny on here) was doing a lot of sneezing and coughing.  Tiny spent the night more for company for me...  Though she did play with Merlin some and helped keep Athena out of my hair. Still wiped out from yesterday's bad adrenaline.

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Then after noting it and wondering why I was wearing the "mist robe" the cell made it's announcement and my eyes opened to my bedroom and the phone in front of my face on the nearby desk.


Dear Madam/Sir/Genderless Thing responsible for lost/stolen stuff

I would very much appreciate if you would find it in your heart, or whatever organ suffices, to return my brain.  You see, it seems to have been replaced with mush several days ago.  I wouldn't really mind it, as it gives me plenty of opportunity to get used to some strange emotions (to me) and to mature in certain areas, except it leaves me looking like a soft wispy damsel with little brain power.

We both know that I pride myself on the ability to think...  I now require full use of my brain, and not just those mushy parts that you left me with, as it seems that my story characters are having fun thwarting me at every turn.  It's particularly disturbing to walk into a room in my mental construct with the intention of planning, and instead of finding BlowingWind bashing Ryu with whatever's handy for sneaking up on her, finding her happily ensconced on his lap reading a geology textbook.

Yes, I really need whatever you took off with back.  Please don't return it augmented with little goodies that we both know will further mess with my equilibrium.  Also, I petition for remember more than just a few second snippets of the remainder of my dreams.  When I go exploring, I want to remember what I saw, said, and heard.  Vast stretches of black is highly unfair.

Most Sincerely,
Amehana.  Don't make me use the full thing because you know exactly who I am and where I am from.

P.S.  Please put my brain where it belongs when you bring it back.  Not anywhere "funny."

Night time ramble

Too much has happened since my last update, some of which went into my yahoo blog...

Annoying dude in head: Ya-hoooo-ooooo!

Obviously, Ame's a bit tired.

The next chapter for DS2 is nearing completion. After that, I think I'll do a chapter for Different Current... or maybe I should do another installment for Arms. I'm still a bit sad from the death of a real close work buddy late last month. Richard Carl was a swell guy, and will be very missed by many.

Broke a nail yesterday, first time in a bit. So I get to increase my calcium intake. Lovely...

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Well, it's been an interesting ride since my last update.

Things are going well with Veagel. He's one of my best male friends. Can't chose between Vadise, Brian (the man needs to get his butt down from Portland...), Demis, and him for those who are in the physical world.

Killed a surge protector thing... Don't want to say more... couple plates... *sigh* the evidence is disposed of...

Had a stray cat show up a few days ago, was a little big around the middle, looked pregnant. The next day she came she was bloody, limping, and no longer pregnant. From the way she looked, we think it was a car. She was lucky. Now we are trying to find the owner. I may have gotten my cat though.

I got to talk to Vadise today! Made my day!

Athena got cut off while talking to Veagel though. Firefox kept seizing up on her when it was her turn. Will be glad to get her computer hooked up again.

Worked some more on DS2. Have to finish re-doing the illustrations for Call of the Kami. Turns out it will be too expensive after all to do color. Phooey. So black and white it is.

Meh. I'm tired. Not sleepy tired, just... tired. I did a lot today that I'm not writing because it was boring and mundane... although I did manage to hold a meditative state most of the day. It was needed.
goruden, imaginary

Today's Funky Thoughts and Pointless Rambling

I like my new avatar... I want to find a shirt with that on it, I know they are around. I also want "Runs With Scissors" and "You're just jealous because the voices talk to ME."

Yeah, I'm entering that mood set where I ponder running into rooms just to be a bother. I probably (hopefully) won't do it... but it's just so tempting...

I need a vacation.

Let's see... my son's school picture has come in. Couldn't afford my daughter's though, and she transferred to the school with the better program anyway, so I'll have to do hers for this year. I like playing with photography anyway. The maple trees have left a nice golden blanket in the yard, so maybe I'll do hers there. I thought about out at Lake Siskiyou too, since it has calmed down out there, even though I still haven't figured out what the heck knocked me off my butt out there on Mother's Day.

Adam has started a new job, within the past week. He's back to being a security guard. The problem is that he is in the evaluation period, which means it'll be at least thirty days before he sees the first check. His boss said 60, but I'm pretty sure legally it is supposed to be only 30. I need to check that out, this is the company that took over Pride Assets (more correctly it just changed it's name) and this bought Nor-Cal Security (B&P Security) just last month. Pride's always screwed it's guards, so my "fish filter" is up... I smell something. I just hope this time around he doesn't get screwed out of his money. We're low on gas funds as it is, and I don't want to have to borrow any money. Wish fire season hadn't ended so soon, and I hope it starts up early next year.

I've been pondering (oh no! run away!) the idea of using this journal in part to record more of my life than I have been doing. This means that more posts would be friends only or private, but on the other hand since I lost all of my childhood journals (years 1989 to 1997) January 1 2003 when my mother's house burnt down (where they had been stashed in my old closet) if such a thing were to happen to the hard copies of my adult journalings then it's not like I would be out of the information.

Even though a couple of experiences I would rather forget. Then again, everyone has some of those, and if I forgot those experiences, I would be a lot more trusting then I am... and that just gets me in trouble.

Ok, for those interested in examining weird psychological stuff, such as thinking one is an animal or other things, this doctor_orc guy has a pretty interesting Live Journal on here. I'm reading it several times before I say too much of anything, because I'd like to be able to have a conversation where we each understand what the heck the other is saying and use the same terminology. I'm really bad at either keeping on with my own terminology, or using that of whatever community I'm chatting away at at forgetting my own when I go to have a nice quiet think over my own stuff. And I see that I have rambled off yet again. My point was that his journal is pretty interesting, even if we have different views on some stuff.

And to think that when I first stumbled across it I was more than a little steamed. Altough I did kill another powersupply for my computer that same day. *laughs*

Speaking of power supplies, my hubby and I have discovered that the little ones that shouldn't be able to power this nice computer he built me work just fine for my needs... and my emotional spikes don't fry them. After a longer trial period, and when we have more money streaming into the bank account, we intend to run an experiment with the larger ones again, and document correctly how long each one lasts. Of course, that's not the only factor, and it doesn't really help all that much in figuring out a way to keep it from happening, but it might shed a little light on my majorly funky energy field.

I just wish it hadn't gotten so screwed up from that EMF radiation at mom's lookout tower. Now I'll never know what would have happened if that hadn't happened, and it really sucked to kill all those watches all the way through high school. Could always be worse though!

Speaking of high school, my mind follows a twisted track now to my friend C. She got married back in September (if he ever cheats on her, she gave me permission to use him as my practice dummy). What I thought was really cool was that the entire Special Education class that she is teaching showed up. And to think that the system had put her in Special Ed, I'd told them they were just using the wrong teaching system.

Then again, who listens to a "cocky" middle-schooler or high-schooler? Yeah, I probably wouldn't have listened to me either. Actually, I know I wouldn't have, because I'm stubborn...

Bouncing around my head again in my ramble, my brother is driving up the mountain to pick me and my son up Dec 14. Mom, Dad, "little" bro and I have court for that Lookout Lawsuit. I think we are somewhere in the Discovery Process, because we are being interviewed about what happened. I just hope that when this is all done that cell phone companies will be more careful about where they stick their stuff and do those environmental assessments that they are required by law to do. I forget how many others are sick and wasting because of extended visits to the two lookouts up there (my Mom and her friend Mary, who switched on and off days), but I think it's twenty-something, and several of them are just kids.

Not going to let myself worry though. Can't, my kids need me to keep my head, and I like it too. It holds my brain.

Update on dad's cancer stuff now. He's an ornery bugger, must be where I get it from. No surgery yet from how it sounded the last I talked to mom. They grumped about City of Hope scheduling one consult at a time. I can agree with them, far better to line them up with all the doctors they need to consult with, even if it does mean waiting in several offices in one to three days. Bieber to LA is one heck of a long drive (I know, it sucks. We did that last year with my f***ed up back and both my kids for our brain scans and toxicology crap).

Ok, I'm going to end this now, play with the kids a bit, and hope they take a nap so that I can scan some of my old picture albums to preserve those safely and maybe get back to work on at least one of those books I've actually set deadlines for.

Man, I miss being able to eat hamburgers. At least I can still eat steak since that doesn't try to make me bleed. Still no idea why the heck ground meats and milk make that happen though...

Oh well, it could always be worse. Bet Geroge Bush has TONS to gripe about.