rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,


I hate earworms.  I've had the refrains from this strange song about "blowing whistles" stuck in my head since... saturday?  Just randomly pops back up too.

So, for revenge on conversations with Ryu from Dragon Shaman, the last time it popped back into my head, I thought it the perfect time to harrass Ryu with it.  Character's reply?

"Not my style, really.  I've heard worse though.  I had one song stuck in my head for 100 years once...  Shall I sing it for you?"
And of course BlowingWind just had to chip in...
"Yeah. Don't let him sing it for you.  I did...  No wonder he's not sane!"
"My dear, I'm hurt.  I'm perfectly sane."
"No, you're not."

Which then devolved into an argument about sanity and what it is.  Worst part? Song still stuck in head.
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