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Ever have one of those days, weeks, etc where technology thumbs its nose at you, then turns around, bends over, and... just generally torments you?  Or one of those machines that just makes you swear it's running on electricity imps, and they all want to mess with your head?

Yesterday while I was out doing errands, we evidently had a power outage or power flicker, as when I came home everything was blinking, and what didn't have battery backups needed resetting.  Unknown/unremembered by me, the kids' computer in the living room had been left on.  So when asked, as it wasn't on after they came back from school, I attempted to turn it on.

Why, hello endless reboot sequence.  How did we fix you last time you visited to torture my limited brain space and irritate children that want to use Zac Browser, play games, and/or chat to their friends and play co-op games?  Allow me to run some scans on you, and see what I can do to fix it, since you won't even let me use Restore.

And today, we still have the same problem.  Though I have tried everything that I have found suggested to do on doing research.  This brings us down now to only one computer working in the house, and my uni classes picking up again on the first.  I forsee much fighting if this doesn't get remedied.

Yes Bear, that means Big Green needs a spanking.

On the plus side... yesterday I DID get the plywood, so that I can use the bedframe I was given and get my mattress up off the floor.  My underbed linen box doesn't fit under my bed again yet though, so risers are in order.  Then I shall have more storage space, and my room shall look less cluttered... at least until Papers of Doom and Books From Library spread out during paper writing spats.  When I can afford to, and can borrow some tools, I would like to build a custom frame that would meet my needs.  Yes, screws will be involved and not nails when/if I ever do get to do this, as looking at things similar to what I want (and nowhere near as attractive as what I am capable of making) building it myself will be a lot cheaper.  Having the knowledge to be able to build something makes me very glad that I earned that fine cabinetry certificate back in high school.  I just wish I would get to use that knowledge more (never did get that workshop I wanted, and what tool I did have once upon a time... well... not worth the grey hairs to get them back if they are still functional).

Not sure if I'll get to any work on the Selkies manuscript today.
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