rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Faith (the person, not the thing)

Currently I am very sad and tired.

My very good friend (as in close enough she's family, like sister status) I found out today had been in the hospital.  She'd been in a diabetic coma for 22 hours, brought on due to a nasty combination of factors including not enough food due to finances, heat, and her blood sugar monitor going on the fritz (much like the phones have been doing the past month now, but worse).  Not only had she been in the coma, but she had been seizuring, died and they had to bring her back (defibrilators are something to be very thankful for).

Certainly not up to editing right now, though she does want the current chapters of Selkies' Skins to read.  Faith and her family can use all the prayers that they can get right now during the recovery.  Her health is getting increasingly fragile and she really needs to get to a better point.  Her mate is also unable to work, which makes things very difficult.

I really hope I don't have to put an "in memory of" entry in that story once it is completed though.  I went over, visited, and took some things to help with their situation, but I still wish that I could do more.

Any prayers, energy sent their way (she's not one of those allergic to Reiki), etc is welcomed.  If anyone randomly feels generous enough to send them a little money (I killed what was in my slushfund to take them some of the things I knew they needed that I didn't have) you could ask me for their mailing address.  I don't expect it, but one never knows.
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