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And so here is the plan...

Alright, I am pleased.  I just finished with Chapter Nine for Selkies' Skins, and it indeed will be three installments, with the last being a longer one.  Overall, the chapter spans 13 pages.  Part two of the chapter I will make public on Sunday.  If I get some donations to speed things up, part three of it will go public on Wednesday.  If not, then it will be the Sunday after that.  Five dollars for an extra installment on any given week doesn't seem unreasonable to me if someone out there wants to make sure I can have the writing time justified.  If I do not get that much in one week, the total will roll over to the next week until enough income is generated for an extra installment.

So far, the combined installments into a file to ultimately be converted for an ebook spans 64 pages, which pleases me.  We still have a long way to go before being done with the story, but so far this is good progress for my Selkie family's adventures (or misadventures, depending on your point of view and how long you've been out of port).

I am considering putting this up in competition for Top Webfictions.  Not only should it help generate some input, but it will also help keep me motivated (like I need more...) to finish and get to my next writing project.

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