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Welcome Note (updated September 16, 2018)

Welcome to my messy scrolls of randomness.  Parts of this journal are friends only or require special permissions to view. Feel free to friend me, but if you want friended back drop me a line so that I know for sure who you are and where we've met before.  If I don't know you, I still might friend you if I decide you have interesting things to share.

All comments here must be in English. A prayer in another language can be posted if such discussion arises, but ANYTHING I can't translate will be removed. You're not going to sneak in links to your shady websites that way.

My journal is not an advertising venue. I will talk about my projects, my health, my kids, and other things. I will post my stories and poetry here, and links to MY websites, patreon, galleries, and so forth. I will place installments of my stories. This is NOT a place for you to put links to your squiffy stuff hoping to sell or generate clicks. Entries are screened for anonymous posters in part because of the people trying to take advantage of anonymous posting. Spam posts will get the spam treatment. It is free to make a Live Journal account of your own to post.

If there is particular content you are looking for then please look to your left. You will see tags that will take you to particular sorts of posts I have made in my JOURNAL. Some posts will have cuts on them. If you click them then additional information will drop down.

Current Active Serial Story: Selkies' Skins (read on LJ, read on DW, or read at site)
Selkies' Skins manuscript wordcount:
Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well (book one): 131,693 for chapters 1 through 39, front matter, the glossary, and author bio. It is followed by a second book covering the second half of Kirsty's testing, and likely a third book or fourth book to deal with other important bits of the selkies' (yes, more than one) stories that are not focused on in Kirsty's Skinquesting. There is also an audiobook version recorded, narrated by Illya Leonov. He is also expected to narrate the books of the Dragon Shaman series. https://www.amazon.com/Castle-Well-Selkies-Skins-Book/dp/B00O9GKYW0/

Selkies' Skins: Temple and Skinquest (book two): 41,338 and growing in the manuscript as of April 20, 2016 and is in progress. I need to look over the current manuscript for the current wordcount before editing.

This journal is multi use and several years old, so if you've got a certain subject you're looking for, the tag links are your best bet.  My serialized stories are also mirrored to here.  If you're dropping in from fanfiction.net, I don't know when exactly I will get to finishing the unfinished Spirited Away ones.  I have other projects that are currently higher up on my list, and some of those unfinished ones are shorts collections that are intentionally left open.  I do invite you to check out my other works in the meantime though.

Some places to find me or my work:
Dragon Hearts
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THG StarDragon Publishing

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Direct help is also welcome. This Amazon list gives some idea of things that I'm needing for working on projects. http://a.co/ikf2zdY
Magic is that breath never quite caught,
Flowing always just behind the scenes,
And only glimpsed when sought.
I have forgotten when this was written, though it would have been either the 1990's or the early 2000's.
Copyrighted to me. Do not use without my written permission. It is irritating enough to have seen one of my shorts get commandeered by someone else. I have moved it here as updating the theme wiped my footers.
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Possible friends?

I found your profile really interesting and would like to read more about you. However! I'm new here so though my profile does tell you a bit about me, there's not much in the way of things to read, so I understand if you don't want to read. I figured there is no harm in asking :)
Nope, no harm at all. Feel free to friend me. Thank you for asking.
Through a horribly convoluted process of internet connectivity I was told about your page and have found what I have read so far to be remarkable, and would very much like to call you friend. Most of what I post is recipes, though some is practise related. Please feel free to read, ignore, or discard as you feel appropriate.
Welcome then, and thank you. I shall certainly be reading through your page, and I am looking forward to getting to know you.
Ame! Long time no talk (again). It's nice to see you around on FB though :) I finally remembered my log in info on LJ - had forgotten about it for the longest time... Looks like you've been pretty busy with your story. How've you been? You still using LJ?
Seeennnnnnn *glomp* Chihiro's back!!!

I'm doing well and still use LJ. Yes I've been busy with my story. Working on the second book in a series that ORIGINALLY was supposed to be the story in ONE book. But... you know how I write... *looks back toward FF.N and laughs* Stories grow.

I'm doing well, I've had my ups and downs including in the romance department. Had a little too close of an encounter of becoming like BlowingWind in some ways, but recovering slowly. Publishing is picking up, editing work is picking up, games work is picking up, and nearly done getting my Bachelor's. How've you been?
Yes, I remember :) Man, I barely read ff these days. Ok.. maybe I'll have one or two stories open on my browser, but it's all stuff I pull off of my favorites list. I rarely hunt for new treasure nowadays, much less write ff work.

I'm glad your work is taking off though! As for school, ganbatte! And as for romance... Sorry to hear that :( I know what you mean, but maybe it's just all in due time. I haven't had much luck either. I dated a guy a while back for 2 months, but it went nowhere as I always prioritized work. Speaking of, it's been hard, but I've a handle on it. Side news - I finished my first novel and am looking for editors/publishers. I'm thinking of asking my old writing teacher after I'm done doing my own once over or two. Hoping I can publish, rake in some royalty for my efforts, and see my book in a B&N one day! Would be a dream come true~
Thank you. I'm hoping that you do get published. I want to be able to point to your book and tell the kids "I knew her way back when."