rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Beware, the Grump hath struck.. Laptop Adventures

So during today's meditation facilitation on SL, the laptop crashed.  It did this no matter which viewer I used, shocking me pretty well each time.  Have had issues with overheating lately (it's hot, I expect it, summer is not good for laptops here) so my first guess is that the fan either died, or is stuck.

Laptop is out of warranty, and a clogged fan is something I can deal with.  I reviewed the repair manual to see the proper method to get in for that, and when Athena left for her therapy session I went to pick up more air to blow the dust and crap out in further preparation.  I came home.  I managed to successfully open up several bays that needed the cleaning, which all need opening first before I get to the fan according to the manual...

But not all...  Why?

Frozen screws.

Grr...  Tomorrow I shall take the lappy with me and head over to Weed to have a chat with the computer techs over there, that have dealt on various computers of mine before, and get a quote, as Best Buy is rather far away and takes a while usually.

Putting it back together, it does turn on.  I've yet to try it again with SL, but for now that will wait.

Le big sigh.

I did pick up an external cooling system while getting more canned air (after many year, this concept still gives me giggle fits) so that will at least help some.  The irritation remains though.
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