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Aphorisms of Kerishdar now available on audiobook, and Dragon Shaman musings

So, checking my friends list for the news of the day on LJ, I found the very happy news that (haikujaguar) M.C.A. Hogarth's "Aphorisms of Kerishdar" is now out on audio book! See her announcement post.  Good stuff this.

I've read through "Aphorisms" and "Admonishments" and am reading along with her as she serializes "Black Blossom" after having gleefully started following her when she was working on "A Rosary of Stones and Thorns."  All of her works that I have read have been excellent, so later I am looking forward to getting this audiobook (better not do it right now though, budgeting after all).

I am still considering eventually making the Dragon Shaman series available on audio book.  I actually do get several requests for it, so it might be worth doing.  Still not sure if I should read it myself though, or check on how much it would be to have someone else read and record (Volunteers? Taming the Blowing Wind I can't post announcements about on FanFiction where people first started getting interesting in 'Wind and Ryu since their series is definitely not in that category).

Still waiting on Victoria Davis for a new cover for the extended edition of the first book (she works and has other projects too, so that's not a complaint... just looking forward to what she comes up with because dang I love her work).

And, I really should send a random thank you to my parents for introducing me to reading.  Without them, I would most likely not have developed a taste for science fiction Oooooo... Issac Asimov...  Good Lord how I remember reading books by him and then discussing with my parents what I'd read...  Staying up late nights, early into the morning during my long ago summers to gorge myself on alien worlds, space travel, distant civilizations, and each main character's quest to overcome what they thought was the goal, only to have to come face to face with- and accept- themselves for who and what they truly were.

Anyway, enough tangent.  Her stuff, in my opinion, is as good as an Asimov book.
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