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Merlin's Dream (yay, he told me about one)

Solstice, so happy Summer Solstice to those up North, and Happy Winter Solstice to those down in the South (and Happy Sun Starts Toward Getting Warm Again Ever So Slowly).

And with that out of the way, Merlin told me a little about how he dreams today, which is neat because he rarely discusses his, though he hears Athena and I mention ones we're puzzling on or when we notice themes.  So today while I was getting my morning cup of coffee, he came up to me, pointed to his head with his wide brown eyes, looking happy and obviously having what he considered a good dream. 

Merlin: Mom, I have good dream last night, I dream in numbers.
Me: Oh, that's neat.  I'm glad you had a good dream, because I don't dream in numbers.  Can you tell me more?
Merlin: I like numbers!  I dreamed them.

He then proceeded to attempt to show me with his mind what he dreamt (and mommy was too thick to pick up on the images or whatever, though admittedly perhaps those could also have been too foreign to my math-not-loving-thankyou mind.  I could feel the slight pressure as he tried though, and he was flashing his fingers at me in that was obviously some sort of sequence.

It was cute, and obviously the dream made him really happy by how wide those eyes were and how wide the smile (looked like he'd had his favorite treat... that sort of smile).  I'm glad that he likes Math, that was my big bone of contention in school, so I'm hoping that he doesn't end up with the frustrations with it I did (I do miss playing with logarithms though, I don't even remember how now, and those had been my favorite).  Also it was interesting that Merlin was being so social and communicative.  He's really made a lot of progress since he got his autism diagnosis and was eligible for the focused schooling.
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