rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Morning writing rumble

Am making some headway on the latest chapter for "Selkies' Skins."  It seems though, that I am needing the cool hours to do my writing, which will certainly mess up my sleep if it continues thus.

Certainly not complaining of yesterday though.  But I am tired and would like to go back to sleep, since the cool hours also are actual restoring sleep hours for me, as opposed to the hibernation my body uses to make weathering temps too hot or too cold more bearable.

As to the chapter I am working on, I am still trying to decide if trying to have the serial posts for the story stay within a set page limit is better, or if it is better to just post chapters entire, instead of splitting them, since some are most likely not going to have any particular "good" cut space.  But... on the other hand... cliffhangers...

Gods I need a cup of coffee if I am to stay awake.  Must not chew lip while thinking. Must. Not.  *pulls up story outline*

I did get to talk to Marantha yesterday on the progress of "The Imayran Chronicles" and she read to me from the current book in the series that she is working on getting ready.  I am pleased to hear how much her writing has improved and how far she is into her project.

Now, enough sleepy rumblings from the desk.  Coffee time.
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