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Books to be on sale at Lumberjack Fiesta

My Niece (Sam Buckley) is having a table at Fiesta.  Those in the McCloud CA area will be able to find some of my books, her artwork, and some copies of her sister's (Elizabeth Buckley) poetry book at the Fiesta on June 27.  I do believe the plan is a table for all three days, 27 though 29.  Whether or not I will be there personally depends on factors such as children behaving (mostly youngest child) and whether or not I am traveling for family matters that week.

Curious about the events lineup?  Check out the McCloud Community Recreation Council/Lumberjack Fiesta page on Facebook.

As to progress on the next installments of Selkies' Skins, I am still working on the next chapter.  My apologies to anyone that has been waiting.  On the upside, I am still within my hoped for minimum posting schedule on it.  The next chapter is going back to Etain's experiences.
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