rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Woken up by an unsolicited call trying to list my business and provide me a free month of service.  Well and good, but they were not clear on which business they were calling in regard to, as the publishing and spiritual consulting/reiki are separate, though art is tied with publishing.  They also wanted $4.95 up front on the card and then $49.95 a month after.  Unimpressed.  And consider Social Alliance rather rude for waking me up, though the lady calling was herself very polite and spoke slowly for my groggy mind to understand.  So am checking into them more... the lady gave me a number and the website.  Just something about it seems fishy to me.  and that monthly fee is beyond what I can afford.  If anyone has any experiences with them, or knows that they are just another phishing type scam, I'm listening.

Now... next subject.  Merlin so far likes almond butter.  This is good.  I was worried that he wouldn't, so when his eyes went wide in the "wow yum" look and not the "wow yuck no" look it was a huge relief.  He had some with some jelly on an english muffin for breakfast, and ended up taking it to school with him after he had a nibble, so he would have more time to eat it.  Had me put it in with his lunch.

The shrine in Second Life is moving.  I'm doing the groundbreaking prayer today at noon for the new site, since Oscy says she's ready.  So I will have to change the landmarks in notecards and the subscribomatic.  Noon is also when my three meditation sessions are moving to for tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays.
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