rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Recurrence of the writing nightmare

So last night, after snuggles and snoozings with Vadkun, had a convoluted dream sequence.  Only one bit remains, but the whole of the convoluted crap left me with the impression of definite "ahhhhh" I don't like because it's at a reactionary level that always curls up into a little ball and shivers in too many emotions to pick apart.

Bit that sticks?  Somehow, the books I've written wound up in the litter bin, and got soaked with cat excrement.  Big long dream, and that's what it apparently boils to.

Now, It's been a while since having a nightmare about my writing.  Used to have them fairly often until people I showed my work to actually told me it wasn't as shit as I am always afraid of (Shadow Chronicles is still shelved for now with the other projects I want done first...).  Really though, a recurrence of it was not welcome.
Tags: dreams, writing
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