rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

Huh? Wha?

Was dreaming about dancing with my mate and having a very nice conversation in which I'd been left blushing and only able to stammer "ahhh... you're so sweeeet."  Then, from nowhere I hear, from under my mattress, directly under my right ear, "heyheyhey.  Time to get up" and some nonsense words like you'd say to a batter.  Swear it sounded like a little league dad, and automatically had the image of a short greying caucasian with blue eyes and a red baseball jacket... though only several inches tall.  Didn't even have time for a "what huh" before the alarm goes off.  Very much the feeling of the unexpected play coming out of right field.

Guess I'd better leave out a gift for the little man under my bed.  Just in case.  Maybe he knows where the charger base for my nook went so I don't have to borrow Athena's again.

*going to be scratching head at this one for a while*
Tags: little person under the bed?
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