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In which Ame speaks more than she thought to

So let's see... let's try a morning post before homework eats me alive.

Yesterday, homework gave me a bug up my you know where due to a statement about the end of WWII that was untrue or misworded.  So I ended up losing some time because I let myself wander off on a tangent, trying to figure out whether or not I could pull off taking kids to Ft Stevens, Oregon this summer.  Family up in that area has indicated wanting us to drop in when/if we make it and a place to stay, which is good... less money to spend, which means a bit more I can do with kids.  At the very least, less shiny white hairs to stick up and wave themselves around like antennae whilst stressing.  Sooooo, it is now the saving of the gas funds (and being sure to keep enough set aside to take kids on the historic tours, even if grandpa can't be there with us).  And there will hopefully be kite flying on the beach, which means mommy and merlin will have to bring rope to tie Athena to themselves with, as together the three of us should be heavy enough not to blow away.

Yes, I'm actually serious about the rope bit.  Her kite is pretty big and should be able to generate some impressive lift if we aren't careful.  One might say it's paranoid or overkill, but they've also not been blown across a college campus by the wind.  I will never repeat that.  Neither shall my child, unless we decide to go hanggliding, which will not be for at least several years.

See what I mean about tangents?  Watch as I run along various mind trails like a rat in a maze... and someone steals my cheese.

Children and I also went to the store.  They were good.  Merlin actually surprised me by finding dish scrubbers for me (we needed new ones) while I was looking for the borax in the cleaning aisle.  He was pretty proud of himself for helping and remembering one of the things he knew we needed to pick up.  I was pretty proud of him for doing that without me asking, that he would, on his own initiative, bring me something for the house instead of just something that he wanted.  He surprised me again when we stopped in the hygiene aisle, as he has apparently developed a preference for a certain shampoo that we'd only had in trial size before.  If it means less fighting about The Washing Of The Hair, then I have no problem with him wanting one brand over another.  Treats were administered as reward for good behavior.

Did not dream last night, that I am aware of.  I think it was more of an "exhausted drifting, simultaneously mentally reaching out and touching in on several people including mate" night than "coherent dreams and travels" night.  DID wake up this morning, having gone to bed alone, to find myself surrounded by literally everyone.  Merlin and Lightning were sprawled on the bed taking up the room, Athena and Buckwheat, the kitty with cancer that we let sleep inside since its owners won't, were sprawled on the floor beside the bed.  Ok, so Buckwheat was more curled up and drooling...  At any rate, EVERYONE had decided to move into my room for some strange reason.  I am apparently popular. XD

Body aches still, seemingly for no reason.  And ovaries seem rather intent on the monthly "release of the egg, though there's nowhere for it to go and thus shall just end up reabsorbed, because this is what we do" thing.  It's uncomfortable, I still feel that part much more than one would think I should, but I'd much rather deal with this than the mind killing cramps that I used to have and the bleeding problems that I used to have.  So, with this not so random comparison between past health and present, it is heartening to know that I am at least doing better than I was.

Now, for a couple of people in my family to get over their current health concerns.

I seem to be in a rather vocal mood this morning.  Maybe it has to do with the fact I put a little cinnamon and almond in my coffee, or perhaps it is the daffodils that are budding by the church where my son gets picked up for school, or maybe it is the fact that I've not done much in the way of journaling lately other than when I've written down my dreams.  At any rate, onward!  To victory against my school reading!  Or at least getting a sizable portion done while waiting for it to be warm enough to take laundry down to be washed.
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