rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

*downloads day*

Busy day:


run meditation early


get the kids after school, and once rounded up (all three) proceed to pumpkin patch

experience trepidation from having forgotten exactly how far away we were from said location... "Am I going the right way? It's been ages since I've been the one to take you. Gee, did I miss a sign? I sure don't remember it being so far out" "Yes mom, we're fine." "Seeeeeeee, I TOLD you you need to get out more, you used to be able to get out there no questions."

Procure pumpkins (including the girls attempting to bring in one the size of my torso...) and pictures, and video, and walk the maze, and apples, and FRESH CIDER. I've not had this cider for years... and we got some of a batch made up just yesterday, made from the Johnson apples by that spicy cinnamony taste obtained without the use of spices....

Drive home and procure dinner... the 3 kids all protecting the cider from "the evil forces of mom."

Transfer pictures and video from camera to computer... first time even having used said cam.

Upload video to transfer to mate

Flail (figuratively) realizing that self is tiiiired

more homework during upload

have brain run into brick wall (figuratively) and listen to myself run for cover, witnessing things fly as that part of myself dives under a big pile of pillows leaving a fur puff in it's wake

realize that I am greatly tired having "watched" all that...

Find news that Lulu converted the ebook version of the first installment of my Dragon Shaman series from .pdf to .epub, and then see that it was already LIVE in that format on Barnes & Noble and the iStore

Say yay.

Realize that tomorrow is better time to send out the still pics to a few people... else may end up flubbing.

begin brain fuzz.
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