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Ame's morning disorganize ramble

Going to take the kids boot shopping today after school, and have our beginning of the month meal out. I'm rather leery about buying shoes online since the last time I did, the boots would have fit better if they'd been able to try them on first to deal with brand idiosyncracies. Hopefully the boots are being sold by now, they're needed with all the rain and the impending snow.

Mt Shasta itself got a good covering over the last two days. It went from mostly brown to mostly white and green, so he's got his winter robes on. Quite the sight. Walking Merlin to the bus this morning, the clouds framed it just right... but of course this only happens when I've left the camera upstairs in the house... not when I've got it in my pocket or on my wrist. The mountain, he teases...

Feeling good this morning, if a bit tired. It surprises me to not be aching with how cold out it is, but for now the heater seems to be working to keep the house warm.

Surprisingly to me, this seems a fairly straightforward week so far. Wednesday already, hump day, and I'm not a frantic wreck.

Argh... add some small wallmount shelves to the shopping list... so the cat quits getting on the desk and knocking my speakers off by stepping on the connecting cord... Need to get another large candle for dad anyway, and they're at the same place. The one that Athena keeps on her kamidana is in need of replacing.

Something to note in Merlin's development... He's finally wearing pajamas to bed. As in wearing them and keeping them on, not wearing them to the bed and taking them off before getting in despite my protests he'll get cold. He even goes so far as to look for them when getting ready. I consider this progress, personally. He's not been kicking his covers off at night either, so I suspect his internal thermostat is undergoing change. If memory serves, this is about the same time that brother hit this point while growing up too.

Now, let's see... Last night's dreams... For the most part, I can't remember anything. Probably mostly sleeping within my dreams all cuddled up warm. There was something about a family moving out of a three bedroom house though, and my doing paperwork to move into said three bedroom. I think that was a wish dream personally, because it didn't have that "real" feel to it. it was probably brought on by my having used the global footprint calculator (assignment) and then getting a couple other people to do it too (my curiosity) and discussing it... and particularly ways I might be able to change my footprint with Vad, things I'd like to do when getting to a place that i could implement them (since all that I want to do differently would violate my lease here in the apartment).

Hmmm all that rain is making me feel snuggly... Those clouds out there make me feel mushy too...
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