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Heater! Act... 3? 4?

So... heater broke again last night.  Out of the blue, after it had been recently repaired, it decided to suddenly go on the blink.  No one had touched the thermostat, and yet no matter what I did, I couldn't get the bugger to do anything but suck in cold air from outside.  So I shut it off and left a message down in the office.

Went to bed after three big huge bowls of hot soup, with all the blankets that I could find distributed onto everyone's beds.  Athena, as I discovered this morning, was so cold she snuck my heating pad.  Merlin decided it was cold enough that he went to sleep in what he was going to wear for school.  Probably a wise move... no way on earth I'd want to strip out of warm PJ's and put on freezing clothes that take forever to warm up.  I ended up doing the same.

I get rather tired of either not getting out of pajamas because it's too cold, or having to sleep in the next day's clothes.  I honestly don't think it would be this bad if the walls were well insulated.  I mean, seriously, I lived in a thin sided TRAILER during one of the coldest winters when I was single.  I lived TWO winters in a trailer in fact, and I was a lot warmer then and not sleeping in long underwear, jeans, a couple layers of sweaters, and a heavy pile of blankets.

Then again, I also had several sweat suits back then, the nice heavy ones.  I think it's definitely time to be buying a couple sets for myself, and some for the kids.  Well, when there is some spare money, which isn't easy to sccrimp together.

I'm seriously thinking about getting nice thick decorative quilts and having the walls covered with those next winter.  I was rather hoping to be able to do it this year to cut down a little on the heat loss.

Dang I want a house of my own, one with decent insulation, and that I can put weather stripping on the doors and have nice thick curtains over the windows and cover up the outside with plastic to winterize them properly.  And a porch to store the bikes on instead of having to have them inside when not being used (seriously, I was reminded by management about this today, when I had them out on the balcony so I could get the living room pieced back together enough to VACCUUM because it needed it).

It least I have tea... had tea, need another cup...  And now that I've vented...  I can go write my dream entry and snuggle into those memories, because where I dreamed about was warm, pretty, had tasty fish (yes, I ate in my dream, I like food and at least I don't dream of it raining bacon cheeseburgers like when I was a kid), and I had great company.
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