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Mountain Town Adventure # who knows anymore XD

So the kids and I spent the night at my brothers in case the power decided to go back out again, as it sometimes does during good storms.  Athena played Go most of the day.  Merlin was very happy to play with her, as were her cousins, and I played a couple matches myself (difficult to sit up that long).

It's quite cozy in the living room by the fireplace really.

I woke up this morning to get the kids ready for school... I went out to brush the snow off the windows and get the inside warmed up.  I found a small hill where my Jeep once was.  I brushed off snow as well as I could, and decided to see if I was going to need to go borrow a shovel.  Strapping in I discovered that I did not need to dig out, as it backed up nicely.  There is GREAT satisfaction in being able to back out of snow above your tires and get onto the road without having to dig.

It helped that it was nice light powder.  This is competition snow, I really hope the people at the ski park are enjoying this.  The ski gods smile upon the park, but laugh at me not being in a condition to go do the snow dance...

So after I got the Jeep out, I finished clearing windows,  Backing out had caused what was on top to slide down over my windshield.  Merlin was quite impressed with the amount of snow when I went back in to get him.  To quote him, "Oh, pretty. I like snow."

I am also glad that I have a Jeep and have learned to drive in the snow, as several inches had piled on the roads since the last time the plow had gone through town.  Athena was pretty impressed when it was her turn to go to school.
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