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regarding serving in multiple temples

A fellow priestess made a post recently regarding the realization that she serves in more than one temple.  I have recently come to face the fact that I am in a similar situation, so reading her post confirmed in me the fact that I am not alone.  Other priestesses do, in fact, serve in more than one place.

Here is the reply (typos and all) that I had made to her post, partly because it is pertinent to the subject of this posting, and partly so that I don't lose it... so that I can look back at some future point while looking over my progress in realizations.

"Interesting thing is that I recently realized I've been serving in more than one temple, and trying to come to terms with the "is it one, or is it that I serve in more?  Why do I feel trapped only offering particular services in one venue, and feeling flattened, but not daring to offer others that do not correctly take place in a Buddhist shrine?  Is it ok if, to feel whole and to meet the mutual needs of myself and my deities, to choose other places as well, given that for space, time, and safety constraints the bulk take place in cyber space other than weddings/handfastings, and funerals?"

I didn't really have the need to look at this until in the last few months though, since before then I've served comfortably in my own home for the most part, with excursions to the outside for things the public called on me to do.  Izanami and Izanagi are comfortable in the same homeshrine as Amaterasu, Kwan Yin, Shastayama, guardian kami, Seiryuu, Susanoo, and others.  The bulk of things in the home take place at the same main kamidana, including the ancestral rites.  When I found a place to facilitate some Buddhist meditations and take part in others, it catalyzed things because I had actually been looking for other Shinto practitioners to have regular interaction with besides my family.

Thank you for sharing your own realization.  It's nice to know that I'm not alone, and not wrong in having a braided path."

Further thought, a temple is not necessarily the traditional "temple" that many think of.  When I hear the term priestess, part of me still thinks of temples and shrines where the staff lives in, totally separated (ostensibly) from the mundane life.  There are so many temples and shrines in people's own homes though.  There is also the fact that "priestess" is more than being a link between gods and humanity.  There are the issues of guidance, care, healing, and presence... embodiment... that I should re-examine, as well as my concept of what a "temple" actually is.
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