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Rather odd to look up from looking over my various friends' journals to see Athena's cat curled up on top of last night's nightdress (Ha! Most of you all thought I always sleep in rumpled PJ's, huh? :P)  Lightning is positively sound asleep and actually has his nose in it...  He's been missing Athena, and her bed doesn't smell very strongly because she had been sleeping in my bed a lot lately, so the poor guy has been lonely.

Yesterday's day of rest was extremely needed.  I feel a bit stronger and not as dead (or fuzzy headed) despite last night where I got so tired I wound up playing a lot of mahjong.  I don't particularly understand why, when I run on low, it's easiest for me to play that instead of something else (or chat, or anything... peter out I turn to the tiles...).

Tomorrow is check up for me with the specialist.  I rather think I'm doing pretty good, all things considered, but better to keep appointments and to be monitored.  Because there is a line of people that will kick my rump if I don't take care of myself, and it's actually a rather long line... though I'm not really sure who stands at the front of the line since there might just be a mad dash... which I'd like to avoid.

Athena is doing well at Grandma's, and her stomach is settling down nicely.  Which is very good.  Less stressing means that it will heal.  The wood projects have not been started yet, but they will be soon.  Mom's still going to work one day a week, so Athena will have a babysitter for that day, and she's already been out there to be briefed on what she will be expected to help with.  I hear there is a goat that Athena was having a great time with, so this should be a good experience for her.

She's lucky she doesn't have to mow 5 1/2 to 5 /14 acres of "lawn" with a push mower yet though. *chuckles*  That and my grades was how I earned my allowance (and can crushing, garden work, piano polishing, and minor carpentry on the porch, and anything else the parental units said "do" to, though I didn't get paid for cans anymore when the ski team recycle program started up).  I had it easy compared to the kids that lived on the working farms and ranches that had to get up really early to feed animals and do harder work (like those that had to buck hay).

The flip from winter, through the teeny tiny bit of spring, to summer has occurred.  It was quite hot yesterday, though it's still cold in the mornings (we are talking high desert here, mountains = cold morning).  There was also a bit of a fire over there by mom's yesterday, along the highway.  For twenty minutes it was just her and the neighbor fighting to put out the mysterious blaze (Athena stayed put) before CDF came by.  It seems THEY thought it was a controlled burn.  Mom and neighbor don't know who set it or how, just that they spotted it.

Anywhere else could have been rather bad.  The grass was quite dry.  It was bordered on one side by the highway though, and another by a green field.  However, it was a mess extinguishing the fertilizer (manure) since the fire had burned under the fence.  The fire was put out though with CDF help, since manure has to be soaked to extinguish once that's burning... it can't be stomped out.

And I just got a call from HealTherapy, the horse program that works with Athena for her mental health... they want Athena for a trail ride this Friday! She's been waiting to be called out on one for a long time now, so this is exciting!

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