September 13th, 2020


Selktember and Tribble Month Items Thus Far

Most of these touch on Selkies' Skins in some fasion or some point of time. Some may not. The below are a product of combining the new Selktember challenge and the new Tribble Month challenges. Both challenges/prompt lists are in their first year. The deviant art groups associated with them are linked below.
Selktember Group
Flash Fiction Month

A tribble is a story of 300 words or less, the name brainstormed in the Flash Fiction Month discord jumping off from drabble, dribbles, and twabbles.

Selktember & Tribble 1: Nets
Selktember & Tribble 2: Shell Dawn
Selktember & Tribble 3: Her Father's Daughter
Selktember & Tribble 4: Murderer
Selktember & Tribble 5: Sleepy Isle
Selktember & Tribble 6: First Taint
Selktember & Tribble 7: Recognition
Selktember & Tribble 8: Substitutes
Selktember & Tribble 9: Rescue
Selktember & Tribble 10: Stolen
Selktember & Tribble 11: Exchanges
Selktember & Tribble 12: The Shipwreck Report

Day 14
half selkie pirate
Tristan Makay was originally slated to be done for the Pirate prompt for day 30 of Mermay. It seriously took me this long to get to drawing Kirsty's far distance cousin.
Tristan Makay's father is the full blooded selkie in this situation. He's of selkie descent and it can be seen in the web of his fingers, the bit of a seal-ish part to the upper lip, and what may or may not be short little whiskers. His father set out to sea making a living for them, leaving his mother and their child behind. He never returned and it is unknown what befell his father. In this his mother, a sea witch, has also already passed and he has joined the crew of the dread pirate captain Rayas, a Scourge of the Sea and rather decidedly shark like.
Tristan's voyages are to take him beyond the Veil, though under far different circumstances of the still-yet-to-be-born Etain.
This piece finally finishes the coloring book project as far as content that has been waiting. I can now do layout. Once the .pdf is ready I can send it out to the Patreon Patrons that have been patiently waiting and upload it for sale.

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