August 6th, 2019


Small things

Merlin has been looking forward to Christmas family meals, particularly the one usually had with his uncle Tony. Christmas and Tony together for him means uncle's crab, which he's not tried but watched others eat in favor of the easier and less intimidating other protein options also provided.
Today I told him I'd get him a can of crab meat (not a usual purchase as tuna is much cheaper, but he's been waxing on lately and he's been trying so hard to be a big help despite being as sad as I am and also randomly just stopping and sighing mid task) but cautioned him it isn't as nice as freshly cooked. On the way home he came up with a recipe for his can of crab meat. Boiled mashed potatoes, his crab, butter, lemon pepper, some cilantro and parsley (he picked out some fresh bunches), and some of the green onion. We served this with cube steak for a budget surf and turf meal. He's pretty happy to have helped plan a "fancy" meal.
Sometimes it's the little things.