December 31st, 2012


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So.  Cat has seen the vet. Vet said oh my.  Lightning had an adventure of which he does NOT wish me to write in a short story.  It involves a drainage tube, antibiotics, pain medication, and the blue cone of shame and poor coordination.  He is very unhappy with it and already managed to get a hole in the cone.  His abscess is draining better now though, dead skin has been removed, and he's got several stitches.

Lightning has, in this ONE trip, more stitches than Athena did with her incident with a table.  Then again, he also took off quite a bit of skin while we were all waiting for him to be able to get in to his appointment.  He's also very glad to be home.

And no one knows HOW he got that giant mass.  It doesn't seem to have been a spider at least.

Getting home was an adventure... and not because he was crying all the way home.

Finally got to count the stitches... seven.

Also, he's feeling better it seems, snagged some of my garlic pizza. So, though I would have liked to have finished that bit, I'm happy his appetite is back.  When he goes from turning down his favorite foods like he had been before the visit, and then feels better enough after the vet to snag food when I'm not guarding it... it's a relief.