December 22nd, 2012


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So, spent last night at my brother's.  The power was in and out a lot.  Sam made dinner... stuffed me with chicken and dumplings over rice, which felt good in my belly and surprised her by how fast it disappeared.

House was shaken several times when trees dumped bunches of snow.  Have not been able to get outside to the side to inspect that area.  We're all hoping a branch didn't fall on the roof.  The really big dump shook the entire house and scared the hell out of poor April (she'd been napping before dinner).

Merlin did well, stayed all night on the floor next to me instead of trying to sleep on the couch with me.

Moved my car so sis could get out to work, also cleared it off for her.  I estimate an average of 6 inches of wet heavy snow, the kind good for snowballs and bad for roofs and powerlines.

Fire was out when I got up.  Just recently got a good one going to keep the house warm.  Very happy I didn't have to wake BJ or one of the girls to get one started.  Nice to know that fire is starting to cooperate with me again.  It wasn't too hard this time, and usually when I try to start one over here for them it never stays going... can usually blink and have it poof even when going well.  It's holding and burning well though, so I don't think anyone but April and I will notice it went out.

It's clear skies right now, but going to check the weather reports for whether or not we'll have another arm of a system heading for us.  Most likely stay and help some with cleaning, since I can't help with shoveling the roof (which is needed... maybe the girls can get some of that done for their mom so she won't have to after work).