December 20th, 2012


The Hobbit

So, I took the kids to see The Hobbit (this will be the last movie for a while, but tightening my belt a bit to share the experience with the kids is worth it).

Kids loved it.  Merlin is so keyed up though that he now has to have the animated version that I grew up with playing to help him get to sleep (the music is a favorite for him).  Merlin liked how they handled the plate song.  I did too, and I liked how they handled the dwarves singing about their home.  THAT part has me wanting to write the song that's Kirsty's family Charge (it's been niggling at me a while, the problem is where to and if to work it into the Selkie story).

For me it is a rare thing that I will read the book and then be just as impressed by the movie since stuff tends to get left out.  In THIS case though, it isn't the case.  The film even works in bits from the supplemental Middle Earth stories from Tolkien.

The scene where the eagles swoop in to save the day?  Epic.  Extended, and not by slow mo.  I could see why the orcs were rewritten a bit, and it worked really well.  Definitely like it.  And we watched in 3d since that's the only one we could catch.  So I found myself dodging rocks, pine cones, arrows, and whatnot.

One more thing.  WIZARDS!

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Makes me want to dust of Ceru and think of something to play about with in Middle Earth again.  Bad Ame though, you have the Selkie story first though before being able to come up with any campaign ideas.  And when you DO... this time plot the major points so they don't get totally forgotten when you get there in the gaming adventure.

I also hope they do the Children of Hurin.  *sighs* Someday, I'd like to finish reading his other books.  Always been a big fan. *looks at book list ruefully*