December 18th, 2012


Daughter's instrumental

Livejournal has been going through emergency maintenance nearly all day (I found out trying to make a dream diary entry... -_-).  So instead of putting family type stuff there as I normally would, I'll be posting here with cross post and hope it transfers over after maintenance.

We just got back in from the school music program's instrumental recital, which was held in the main room at the historic McCloud Hotel.  So, since a good deal of the town was squeezed in to hear the kids play their instruments, it was very like those old time picture postcard Christmas celebrations.  Yes, those postcard scenes are pretty real and still happen.

There was a female pianist, Lexi I think her name was, that played a rendition of Moonlight Sonata that literally took my breath away, made me cry, and I had to cover my mouth to make sure I didn't gasp and ruin the moment.  She was that good.  She really needs to get recorded, because if she got on with someone, she could go FARRRRR.  I must have a copy!

School got a grant for a good sound system, which will also be used by the community, so perhaps I could put a bug in the music director's ear to put in hers.

Little Heather's rendition of Silent Night was also beautiful, and I would have loved to have had that recorded too.  I was really kicking myself for having forgotten the camcorder.  Why did I go and forget to put it back in my purse after yesterday?

What was best of all for me though was hearing my daughter play the drums.  They didn't have her play Up on a Housestop, which did bother me a little since that's the one Athena stressed so hard over learning at the double time pace they had it that she actually got ILL.  On the other hand, they had her in the more advanced Jazz bracket, so I can't be too annoyed.  She's starting to play by ear also!  And Merlin's favorite part?  HIS SISTER ON THE DRUMS.

Oh. My. God.  I wish I'd had the camera to get a picture of the pride on his face at how well Sissy was doing.  He was on the stairs and she was focused, so she couldn't see anyone.  But I would have loved to have shown her how proud he was of her.

Dad was there.  I know he was because I could feel him, off in the back of the room in a corner where he could see and hear, with Goruden and Ayunishi.  I hope Athena knows how proud her grandpa is of her, even though he's no longer in the land of the living.

He still wants to learn guitar, so we have to work on focus enough that he can start learning.

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