December 7th, 2012


Weird electrical discovery about apartment

I can't vacuum in the living room from the outlet in the corner and have my space heater and laptop on in my bedroom (what, it got cold in there, was warming it up for when I went back to work on reading) all at the same time.  After a short time, I flip the breaker.  Thought that those were on different switches since they're on opposite sides of the house.  Should've had something in Athena's room on to deterimine if they have 3 rooms on the same.

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Merlin's got his winter tree up, as he cleaned his room again so he could have it on his nightstand.  He had fun decorating it, and was very excited that I let him use some of my special angels from my grandmother.  Those were among the things that were given back to me.  Athena will be able to have hers in her room once she cleans it.  I plan to have a real one in the living room this year, which means they have to Keep The Living Room Clean.