December 6th, 2012


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Pleased with Athena.  She got her paper done.  It has had the spelling and format checks done.  She still needs to improve her spelling and punctuation, but she's working on it.  She's fixed her first draft and it's printed and ready to be turned in.

Very pleased that she's figuring out how to do headings and format for her papers without prompts.  Had not expected to sit down to the computer for the markup phase to discover that she'd remembered how to use title headings and text body.

Also, have half of the Kickstarter postcards filled out, I'll be able to finish the others today and get them in the mail, in most cases they ought to arrive by Yule.  Not so sure about how fast they'll get to the international backers, but they ought to arrive round about then.  Yes Bear, you got pie like you asked.


So I've done the request for an image of Ame's forest (of which only part of that forest is shown because... that forest is huge), there is a random sketch of Connor and Banu acclimating to strange Landwalker solstice-time traditions (human form selkie putting on the tree topper, probably wondering "why does Finnol say this is what's done this time of year?  Can I at least do kelp garland?") ... I may have to do a fluff short story about those purebred selkies' first Christmas just because the thought of Olan and Connor trying to grok bringing in a tree to decorate is funny.  One person gets a concept sketch of a ribbonfly, a creature I'd like to work into one of my stories but first need to get a better idea of how (maybe... potion ingredient...?).  And there is a sketch of the Loch on a midwinter night...  Waterfall entrance/exit to the well spirit's realm where one of her springs enters her sister's lands (Vad knows the one).  Bear's pie is done...

Now I've just got to figure out how I'm going to fit a sketch of the castle onto the postcard, for the person that requested the castle.  You know those 3d imaging programs?  My brain's pulling one of those and looking at this from all angles, far and near, trying to figure it out.  The castle's got one of those atypical layouts, so the trick is figuring out how to get it on paper with the spirial layout, intersecting hallways and three towers.  I see it in my mind... problem is translating the strokes from there to the page.  I may end up settling for the view of it from a selkie-eye view.  That might be the easiest.

... Gah, just saw my shadow on the wall... Hair's back to sticking out all over.  I had it all laying down before I started pondering this one...