December 2nd, 2012


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Merlin slept over at a friend's house last night.  He was brought back with glowing reports.  He hadn't gotten violent, even when other kids were "being mean" to him.  He just told them to stop it.  And it was stopped.

So he got a chocolate treat for standing up for himself in an appropriate manner.  So he's making progress.

Breaking Point - Victoria Davis' Kickstarter Reward Poem

The below is the poem reward for Victoria Davis, who participated in the Kickstarter for Selkies' Skins. For those that wish a look as to how the hard copy will be presented to her, you can view it here at the archive site. The only difference is that she gets the physical one signed. She will also be receiving several other rewards in her package. Thank you for your help in the project.

Breaking Point
By Teresa Garcia, December 12, 2012
For Victoria Davis

Balanced halves in dark and light
In deepest depths and soaring height
Trapped within, life begin.

Waiting, yearning, twisting, churning

Crystalline treasure in the blood
Welling, filling, productive flood
Building high behind the wall

Crushing, rushing, bashing, slashing

Capped up well, dammed up river
Back to the depths, gnash and shiver.
Find the foundation and chip away.

Digging, clawing, ripping, slaying

Time pass by – the water's grown!
Crushing pressure deepest moan.
Too tired to move nor to care

Curling, resting, dying... cresting?

Thunderous crash, sudden release
Expanding rush flailing ceased
Ride the wave and touch the stars.

Stretching, flying, dancing, living

Opened eyes, stirring wind, blazing sun
Greet the new day, birthed and begun
In the hand, a crystal key

Dreaming, Singing, Walking, Finding

Hunt the Sun, and Stroke the Moon
Heed the Earth's bone deep croon
Be the door, to be free.

Flowing, Blowing, Knowing, Growing

I hope the person that got the short story answers soon so I can get their project tucked into my work que.

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