December 1st, 2012


Selkies Skins Kickstarter funded

I got to the computer this morning to find the project funded.  There were a total of eight backers who together pledged $276 to the project.  Ladies and gentlemen, I definitely thank you for the monetary help, and a big thank you to those that couldn't help the project out with funds, but were still passing the word around, telling friends, and visiting the webnovel version of the book.

Another big thanks to M.C.A. Hogarth (haikujaguar on LJ) because her book "From Spark to Finish: Running your Kickstarter Campaign" Helped me clarify what I needed to do.  I'm not an expert, but it definitely helped dispel the deer in the headlights dilemma I had going on while trying to figure out how to present the project.

I'll need addresses (physical and email), for the one that got their own story I'll need an idea on what you'd like to have written (and you're not confined to a story from the Selkies' universe), there's a poem I'm to write for one backer... what format do the people that got ebook versions of the full and the currently released part of the book want, what doodles do you want on your postcards... what name do you want used in the backers section of the book and website...  I'll be sending out the surveys soon, so backers be watching your email so you can respond privately to the right box.

I started working on chapter 21 yesterday (chapter 18 will be going on the archives next, just so you have an idea where I'm currently at) and there's still quite some time to go before Kirsty's launched on her quest, she has a test yest before she's ready to go, and a particular scene that's going to be very influential on her attitude.

*looks around and tosses confetti in celebration* Shhhh.... I don't bust out the confetti often.

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