November 27th, 2012


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Very pleased and surprised with how chapter 20 is shaping up for Selkies' and am getting to do a bit with the merfolk rebellion that's been waiting to come more to the foreground.  In the current draft for the chapter, I've found a triad of selkies that are behaving more like sirens for some strange reason.  I had to stop last night before getting into why they're attacking this way, Merlin was giggling right next to me as I worked, and the giggling was getting too distracting and incongruous with the story, thanks to Billy and Mandy being watched on my Nook (poor Grim).

The boy literally loves to sit right next to me while I work, doesn't matter if it's on a story, editing for someone, or my homework.

I'm also very glad that I did write down an outline of story flow and the big events that I need to cover (Finnol's still turned out to be a bit bigger than I anticipated).  I ended up dreaming about writing.  Of course, I also woke up sandwiched between two kids and topped by the cat in some twisted form of a sundae... absolutely no idea when any of the three invaded the bed.