November 25th, 2012


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Both LJ and DW have the latest installment for Selkies' Skins. Said installment is also on the official stories archive site.  That site got a new theme applied to it.  It's still not quite what I want, it's using another of the stock offerings Weebly has... but I don't have the time to figure out how to use those images that Jan gave me to give a more fitting backdrop.  I don't want to ask Bear, I know he's got all sorts of stuff to get done.  Mott's got school.

Got to write down the updates for the publishing site and poke one of the guys soon though...

Updated the publishing blog.

Have a mad itch to go hiking, but today's not the day for it.  Too tired.  Tomorrow I can finally pick up my glasses though, let's all hope they work like they should and that my eyes didn't degrade further as they were going back and forth to the lab for not being what he's ordered for me (perhaps they couldn't believe someone's eyes were really that bad...).

The short story in the contest fell further in rank.  I can't be too disappointed though, considering that 132nd out of 415 is still decent.  I won't get this week's nomination slot most likely, but I'm also not the worst author in the lot (though I have seen one person running around giving nearly everyone 2 star reviews... initials only that don't match any author, so I suspect someone feeling threatened and not wanting it to point to their story.  The two star review even had a misspelling, so... interesting.  But eh, he raised points I was going to address in a longer rewrite anyway, though the religion in the story wasn't central to the plot anyway (nor was it Christian... seriously, angels existed before it).

Will tidy up the house after checking on class, then write some.  Kids had company and predictably did not pick up after themselves despite the promise because they suddenly had to go very quickly (phone call and everything).  S'alright, I'll just mention it the next time kids ask to spend the night.

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