November 20th, 2012


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So, got the Thanksgiving meal items picked up at the store.  I really like that the community gives vouchers for a certain amount, and not "1 box stuffing, 1 can cream of mushroom, 1 can green bean..." and so forth, because it means that with a voucher with a price amount I can choose foods that Athena can actually eat, since wheat and cow dairy go into the traditional holiday foods, and even the boxed corn bread stuffing's got wheat in it.  So I got stuff so when I make our meal, she'll have one that won't tear her to pieces.

We're heading over to mom's later today.  We've all got dentist visits tomorrow over there, so it's a good time to steal some time and visit her.  Looking forward to it, even though I'm not so keen on a drive in the rain so far.

On the other hand, it's rained steady the past few days, all the oils ought to be washed off the roads.