November 17th, 2012



Waiting for the kids to finish getting ready to see their father (then I get a call for them to show up after 3).  I suppose that will work, since I'll need to drop by the store and pick up groceries for Athena to eat while she's there (since she's got to be mindful of her food allergies), and things for Merlin to eat as well.

I need to try to record some audio versions of some of the meditations that I facilitate.  If I make videos to go with them, then I can post on Youtube, and I can send the audiofiles to Doc for use at Sukhavati when I'm not there, and as an alternative to provide for those that would rather just listen to the guiding visualizations.

I also finally found where I put all those flannel pouches I was given this summer.  I'll be packing them off and donating them to Pirate Santa and his helpers in Portland, Oregon.  They'll be taking gifts to the seniors in one of the homes there.  I'm considering sending some of the surplus massage oil too.  Since the person in charge of that home does regular nail care days, maybe they'd appreciate the oil for hands and muscle cramps.  Once I've got the box packed, I'll weigh it so I can estimate what the postage will be.  I'll put in a little note from the kids and I too.

So that's what's going on, and this is what I'll be doing for random strangers this year.  Stuff that we have that is perfectly good but not being used will find new homes, and hopefully there will be some smiles on faces that might not otherwise have them.  I remember my grandparents being in a home, and not satisfied with how they were treated, and don't want others in similar situations to feel forgotten.  So this year, it is a group that will take things to a senior home that gets something, even though it's very small.  What are you doing?

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