November 16th, 2012


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Let's see... what's worth writing down?

Kiss Cursed Princess is at 95th place.  The Contest now asks us questions to fill out on our profiles for mini interviews.  They don't give enough space though to show our personalities like they want us to.

Selkies' Skins overfunded, it's sitting at 103% of the $170 goal.  Any additional funds raised means money for additional aspects of finishing the book and getting it out in various formats (still hoping to get it to audiobook later too).

Two trees are being removed from our apartment complex, more of the ones that have become a danger for falling on buildings or dropping cones on people's heads.

Merlin's out of school for Thanksgiving week.  Athena does not have as much time off.  So won't be spending as much time at mom's (the laundry still will head over the hill, the river, and through the woods with us).

Brother inadvertently sparked off a mini-research into funding for American schools in the early 1900's.  My finding is that how teachers were actually paid is as simple as people want us all to think.  Our educational system is a lot better than it was then, that's certain though.

It is cold.

I got adequate sleep last night and even got a much needed nap.

Making progress on Selkies'.

Busted out the Thinking Cap.  My head is now much warmer this cold day.

So, that's life today.  Not such a bad thing.

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"I always love talking to your mom.  She's always so peaceful."  Said one of my daughter's friends tonight, shortly after everyone had settled in once I had picked them up after last minute requests to come.  Daughter had walked in on a conversation about this apartment compared to the others we've been in, and how we were liking it.

It felt really good for her friend to say that, and the compliment on the house that had come before that.  I am very glad that the children do like coming over, and that they consider me a cool mom and a peaceful person.  It makes me blush if I walk by and hear the kids talking about their parents, when they don't think I'm near enough to hear or paying attention, and hear them say how much they like me.

I always wanted to be like my mom, whom was much loved by my entire class (30 or so kids) and even pretty much every kid in the school system at one point (which topped out at 157 kids).  I also wanted to be like Harley and Candy's moms.  They all were fully present when we'd talk with them, and if we sought them out to spend time with them, they'd include us, or chat, or let us watch what they were doing (hence my friends and I learning to crochet, our moms all did it and made Neat Stuff).

So, it's kind of nice to see that I'm achieving another life goal, still (I was the cool mom to the preschool set because I could sing more than one variation of the Ninja Turtles theme).