November 15th, 2012


A bit more detailed about The Tempest, because they have more showings

William Shakespeare's “The Tempest” presented by Mt Shasta High School Advanced Drama

Two Showings left this week: Thursday and Friday at 7PM at Mt Shasta High School Gym

See the convincing performance of the storm tossed boat scene, so well done you expect to feel the spray off the sea's swells. Witness the unraveling of an old intrigue, a plot of murder, comedy, magic, and a servant finally gaining his freedom.

Done in the original language, the players do more than just say the words without understanding. They fully understand what they are saying, and their emphases and nuances carry you away to a distant time. They bring the play to life before your eyes.

The Drama class is not funded by its school. They receive all their funding from their works. By investing in the very small admission (it was only $8 for myself and both my children total) YOU are contributing to this program that combines many disciplines other than acting.


Director: Susan Villarreal

Sean Hughes as Ariel

Gabe Watkins as Master of the Ship

Chad Mapes as the Boat Swain

Kevin Lakin as a Mariner

Audra Parkin as Alonsa

Cody Lakin as Sebastian

Tommy Hake as Antonio

Garrett Bryan as Ferdinand

Jordan Hunter as Francisco

Gabriela Ramirez as Adriana

Tamara Howell as Gonzala

Alicea DiPillo as Miranda

Sophie Beck as Prospera

Nicholas Benedict as Caliban

Joshua Aguirre as Trinculo

Christopher Cazneaux as Stephano

Becky Weed as Iris

Melody Rainville as Ceres

Cambria Vallaire as Juno

Tiana Mozina as Nymph

Violet Bolstridge as Nymph

Jordau Pavlic as Nymph

Costumes: Violet Bolstridge & Tiana Mozina

Lighting: Joshua Nile

Make-up: Janet Ackerman-Beck

Publicity: Samantha DeFalco

Set Design: Violet Bolstridge, Joshua Chang & Tiana Mozino

Sound: Joshua Chang & David Villarreal