November 14th, 2012


And Selkies' Skins will fund

I'm still processing this, and currently it's at $5 over the goal.  Base needs are MET.  Anything else that gets pledged will go toward working on other aspects of the project (like getting it to audio after print and ebook).

So, thank you to those making the Selkies' Skins project possible.

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The Tempest

So, the kids and I went to watch the Mt Shasta High School's Advanced Drama class put on Shakespeare's The Tempest.  They did very well.  My kids did well too.  Athena made me very excited when she told me she knew exactly what was going on and understood the old dialect.  MERLIN understood it too.  There were some parts where the kid was bored, but for the most part the actors had him sucked into the story.

Definitely glad I sacrificed some study time to go watch.

Not so glad about figuring out how to make up that time when I'm more coherent.