November 13th, 2012


Contest progress


Very briefly, I found Kiss Cursed Princess on the first page of the America's Next Author Author Ranking page.  It was the very last one on that page, but it was an awesome feeling.  For a moment, it affirmed to me that there really IS still a chance I might get one of those nominations and go to finalist rounds.  As I write this, a recheck shows me on the second page, which is still pretty good.

I was never very good at popularity style contests though.  Going out and finding new places and people to show my stuff to is difficult for me.  In school, it was hard for me to make new friends.  It took me years to get to know my classmates, and for the most part it was roughly the same 30 some (during a big year) of us all the way from Kindergarten to our Senior year.  To get through, I learned to keep my head down and to not attract attention.

So to find myself on the first page, and then the second page, out of 359 other authors currently trying to secure nominations or wildcard spots, for me is pretty big.