November 11th, 2012


Selkies' Skins Kickstart update & Extra: Castle Carrick & the Founders

Some of the background information of Kirsty's world I have no idea if it will ever be implicit in the story.  So, bits and bobs sometimes seem important enough for me to write down and have available as extras.  Here's a bit of a note about the Castle's background and those responsible for it's building.

Castle Carrick
Castle Carrick was founded as a magical school.  Aemilius Spiralis wanted magic confined to those that were purely human.  He was particularly suspicious of the Unseelies, and not all those who were Unseelie could be told by sight (unlike the Finmen, who were very easy to tell by their terrible finny visage).  Adalwulfa Bertramus and Delphine Leomaris both wanted the school to be more inclusive to all magical beings, for reasons of their own.

Bertramus' reasoning was that interbreeding with the Fey was a common thing in the past, and she suspected that her family had connections to Faerie.  Ravens had particular connection to her, and it was rumored during her lifetime that she was a Shifter, with the ability to take on the form of a white raven.  There are also rumors that she or her family in the past were connected to one of the Raven goddesses, the Morrigan (or more correctly and likely, one of the Morrigans, as she was a triparte goddess) or even perhaps to Odin due to that Germanic god's connection to ravens and hailing from somewhere in what became Germany.  She was particularly partial to those with quick minds or were willing to put in long hours of study and application to hone their skills.

Bertramus had twins with an unknown male, one child male and one female.  Inexplicably, the boy bore dark hair and green eyes while his sister was fair haired and light eyed.  She never revealed who the father was, and as the children also had pointed ears, sharp chins, and were highly skilled with music as magic, the whispers about her connections with the Fey only grew louder.

Delphine Leomaris likewise was suspected of consorting with nonhumans.  He changed his crest several years before the founding of Castle Carrick, to include a fishtailed lion (which he lovingly referred to as "my sealion") and favored being near water.  This proclivity to stay near water and to become absolutely intolerable if not within a short trip of something connected to the sea is the sole reason why the Castle was built where it was.  The others simply could not tolerate his short temper, listlessness, or his habit of spending hours looking into a wine glass for hours "checking on something."

Despite his oddities, Leomaris was a brave fellow, especially skilled with daring ocean exploits, dueling (magical and not), curse breaking, and animal care (magical and not).  Several of the students that were under his care credited him with saving their lives, but refused to elaborate how.  He did have a wife, who survived him, but oddly disappeared the day after his funeral.  There are reports that she jumped off a cliff, but whether one believes that depends on if they believe a couple of drunk men and their tale of a crying woman "hoisting herself o'er the cliff, but there was just a brown seal swimming to sea when we gots to the edge to look."

Aemilius Spiralis was less well-liked, though also a good teacher.  With the students that he was assured were perfectly human and from pure magic families he was kind and would go out of his way to ensure a point was understood or to find the answer to a question that was out of his experience.  Those that he picked to be his disciples became very skilled in earth magics.  He was far less kind to those he thought had even the slightest Fey blood, and his students sometimes whispered about him screaming about Finmen on particularly troubled nights.

Kickstarter Progress
Twenty days to go as of this moment, and twenty dollars left to reach the minimum.  Think we can find twenty more dollars in twenty days?  Perhaps I could sweeten the pot by offering up an extra info entry in response to a reader or supporter question?  What do you, the people that put up with my writer's oddness, think would be a good celebratory thing to do if we hit the magic number and the project funds?  Can I make it through this Kickstarter and still keep what I've got left of my hair?  Will Kirsty play a nasty prank on me and replace my coffee with a serving of tea?

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Egads, I'm in trouble if a fictional character reaches out of the story and switches my drink...  Don't anyone go getting any funny ideas of pranks to pull on me whilst I'm immersed in writing or classwork.  Yes kids, that means you.

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The Yogi and I concluded our negotiations and are both very happy.  The contract goes out of the post office Tuesday (due to holiday) for him to sign.  I am so excited about this project.  I can remember being in high school and thinking how cool it would be to be involved with making the metaphysical and spirituality books I was reading.  Now, I'm actually getting to help in the process of one!  This is just as exciting as getting my books out, and helping people with their poetry...  It's taken years to get to this exact point, but I'M DOING ONE OF THE THINGS I WISHED TO!  It is happening.

Sure, differently than I'd imagined then, but it's still happening.