November 8th, 2012


Why are trailers and vids exhausting?

I'm serious. WHY?

I ended up making a trailer of sorts for the story in America's Next Author.  I lost count of how many tries.  I tried several formats.  I'd tried recording myself read it too.

No.  Nuh uh.  Not happy with any of them.  So finally I tossed the main points on a page.  Those points I put in video maker, originally as titles.  I thought about getting some royalty free images to fit, then decided I wasn't going to make the investment, and did not have the inspiration to draw any images.  I had this really interesting idea for a cover... but I'll sit on that, and if it balloons into a book then so be it, I'll pull the thought out of the mothballs, because that tiara is freaking intriguing to me.

I did find a good track from the free music archive, and I checked on the licensing.  Good to go there, attribution/share alike so in went the credit.  I played with it, and I thought.  I remembered some of the trailers that had grabbed my attention and the story tone.  I played more.  I'd always liked the ones where audio clips from the story were used, so I recorded some.  In they went.

I yelled at myself, because the more I worked on it... the more "goth" it started seeming.  Even the image idea that never went in was seeming pretty goth.

Merlin thought I was being pretty weird.  I encapsulated a thank you, filmed myself because I wanted the appeal to have a bit more personal feel.  Merlin video bombed me and I didn't notice till final editing, which amused me greatly when I saw what he was doing behind me.  So it stayed in.

I don't expect any Oscars, but it would be nice if it helped me get an uptick in the Kiss Cursed Princess' rating.
Merlin's Videobombing.

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