November 6th, 2012


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So, this morning sometime I was supposed to call the clinic and see where they could fit me in for a B-12 shot.  Last night, the doc had called to talk about the results of my bloodwork, because he wanted me to have them before my next appointment with him, especially as they were interesting and calmed a bit of worry.

Thyroid's still fine, so the growth noted is likely due to seasonal/environmental factors.  Base glucose levels are ok, within the range where no medicines are needed for bloodsugar control.  Did have very low levels of B-12, which could be causing the neuro-muscular weirdness, tiredness, and brainfog.  And still indicates I need to up my protein again and keep protein handy.

I did not get to have my shot today.  I passed out right after Athena left for school.  Was very difficult to get her herded out, and I was definitely not in a safe state to drive, and it was getting worse because of her dawdling.  Just was stressing me so bad and making my body attack itself.  She would have been late anyway getting the Jeep de-iced.  I hope she wasn't.  I will have to bring up what is happening with my body's systems when I go in next when dealing with her foot dragging.  I go to the clinic tomorrow for my visit with the counselor, so I'll mention it then as well as to the doc when I see him next.

We went to bed early last night, so I should have had an easier time if it were just related to exhaustion...