November 3rd, 2012


Just a reminder

Just a reminder that today at 3PM Pacific Time I'll be reading the current episode of Selkies' Skins live on Livestream.  The site will archive the video for one month, so I'll be archiving it to Youtube later on.

To watch, please visit and give yourself enough time to create a free livestream account beforehand.

Getting the reminders posted took more time than I expected... -_-  Please come watch and let me know if you can hear me!


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*Gandalf moment*

Hm, it seems the spammers have not yet figured out that their lists of questionable links Shall Not Pass.

Meanwhile, I get to be a dork (to the amusement of daughter's boyfriend whenever he sees a geek moment).  The fact that these screened spams are getting past the human check that is the captcha further adds to my amusement.  Somewhere, there is a person scratching their heads wondering why what they pasted in does not show.  I found several of the exact same really close together.