October 30th, 2012


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Man, I so totally hate fasting blood draws.  Like with the passion of 12000 starving souls. -_-

Each time, it gets harder and harder on me to do the fasting part.  I don't so much mind them taking my blood, it's the havoc that fasting even just 12 hours wreaks upon my system.  After just about six hours, I feel effects.  Twelve?  Let's just say things get spotty, shaky, and I was very glad they could do the draw here in town for me instead of DRIVING over the hill to have it done.  I don't think I'd have made it.

I got mega woozy in the chair though, while they were taking my blood.  Only four vials, so not a great amount considering how many vials some tests have required.  Yet, it was enough for my body to panic and say "oh shit, glucose is dropping again, shut down all systems and conserve power... anything left in backup?"

My mind makes body controls look rather like something from Star Trek.  Thanks so much Candy, that's probably all you, your Trek marathons, your books, and your wall of collectibles from when we were kids.

My blood was thicker and darker than usual too, so I suspect a bit of dehydration, which probably was due to me sleeping anyway and not having any water after going to bed.  My coffee intake I've brought down quite a bit from what it used to be, it a blood thinner though, so that may have contributed to how difficult it was for the nurse to get the amount of blood she needed.

I quote: "I'm sorry, I'm trying, but it's just not coming.  That's unusual."

At least I could tell by how dark it was that my iron level is probably fine.

They had me eat some cheese and crackers after they managed getting enough blood, to bring my levels back up again to where I could safely drive.  Rather embarrassing to me that I had to though.  Then I got home, ate a bit, checked mail and messages.  I WAS going to dive into homework, but I was too out of it, so I laid down intending to nap a little while the food broke down and more sugars and nutrients got to my bloodstream.  It was supposed to be a short nap, and was somewhere around 10ish.

I did not wake till 2:30.  I'd slept through the meditation period I was supposed to facilitate at Sukhavati in SL.  Lost a lot of homework time there.