October 29th, 2012


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So I've been to the doctor today.  I have to get a blood draw for him to check my base bloodsugar again.  So I get nothing but water after 9PM.  Big sigh there, but it does need to be done.  My thyroid is also being checked due to my problems regulating body temperature, severe sleepiness, and the fact that my throat is super sensitive and I've got a lump forming again.

That could put a kibosh on a few things, so I'll have to plan workarounds for if my voice goes (again).

I also still have symptoms of clinical depression, so I've been referred to a counselor to work on the emotional factors, since the doc doesn't want to put me on any meds that I don't need.  So next month we've go the dental stuff, counselor, and a followup on my blood work.  Then we go from there.  The Doctor is also supportive of my wanting to find natural alternatives.

The Jeep has also gotten its oil change, a free one at that.  And the wipers have been changed.

Some paperwork I'd sent with Merlin regarding his school stuff apparently did not get to them or has been lost, so I've had to refill that out.  I'm going to make copies... keep one here, send one with Merlin, and MAIL ONE WITH A NOTE STATING IT'S GOING TO THEM TWO WAYS.

Coursework looks heavy this week.  I'm glad that I have some episodes for Selkies' Skins already ready.

Kid's new blankets (as what gets passed for curtains in stores these days has NO ability to keep cold out and heat in) for their windows are up.  They both chose zebra print sherpa lined throws.  Hopefully this will be thick enough, but depending on how bitter this winter gets, I might need to get another set for each window.  Some of you in the warmer areas might laugh, but it works and seriously is necessary when alternatives are huge electric bills out of my ability to pay, and no alternative heating source allowed.

Now, I'd better get dinner started, if I want to be able to eat at all today.