October 28th, 2012


New laptop

So, I've taken care of the laptop for school stuff.  I have a new Toshiba Satellite P855-S5312.  There was a slightly larger screen sized model than what I ended up with, but I did not want to have to wait a week, whether they shipped it to me or I came down (and spent more gas) to get it.

Yes Bear, it's more expensive than the one bro and I were looking at.

So far, I'm of two minds about it.  I like the screen, I can read this size decently (the larger would have been nicer though).  Not so keen on win 8 right now though.  However, so far I'm liking compatibility with various programs.  Tomorrow I'll try to put on the Japanese language learning programs and see how workable they are.  Finishing those is still something I want to do.

Keyboard so far seems decent, though I'm having to learn a slightly different posture.  I also find I have to be very careful to not accidentally brush the mousepad area, or my typing gets scrambled around before I notice.  Don't particularly like that, or that the disable button happens to be where I accidentally brush the most

It does have some fairly large mem and storage, for the price bracket I went with.  I think I surprised the guys though when mentioning my problem with wearing out keyboards (and typing holes through them).  This does seem that it should stand up to me for a while at least.

Also, I picked up another external hard drive for backing up files.  Shut up Bear... *gives him the hairy eyeball* I hear the snickers from here.  So... school's taken care of.  I can still keep up with it when visiting mom.  Not much of school money left for this semester though, and need to save it for other things that need taking care of.